Monday, June 14, 2010

Step Into My Parlor

Seems as though there are a fair number of new people here today. I think some of you are looking for more information on today's announcement that the Women's Colony is closing its virtual doors.

Susan commented on another post here, asking if it was as big a surprise to contributors as it was to colonists. There were some logistical challenges and all the regular contributors had an opportunity to discuss the decision so we did have about a week's lead time on today's announcement as we mulled over the issues at hand.

The details of those discussions aren't my story to tell but I will say that, in the end, I truly believe this was the right decision for the site runners. I do sympathize with everyone who is surprised and hurt by it. I wish that, for you, it could be different and I hope you can find other places on the internet that make you just as happy as the Colony did.

My goodbye post will appear on the site tomorrow and it will explain what I've been thinking about as this decision evolved. I hope to see you all, both old and new visitors, around here more often.


  1. I'm glad you're getting more traffic...the comments over there are just sad.

  2. People are surprised and sad. Some people are hurt or even angry. I expected all of that. I hope that, as the contributors say goodbye, we can achieve a sense of closure worthy of the endeavor.

  3. I have no doubt that you'll will accomplish all of that.

  4. I appreciate the opportunity to learn about your blog from the WC, so I'm glad. But I'm still sad its over.

  5. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Hey, Kizz. I purposefully avoiding writing as I knew you would have your say in the perfect way that you do it tomorrow. Best! Betsy :)

  6. I hate that it's closing but maybe something good will come of it. Maybe.

  7. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Well, Hi!
    I hope to learn more here. I really loved your entries over at TWC. I'm Kate in Michigan, btw.

  8. i really wish i'd been in on it from the beginning...i've only been reading for a few months, and it kills me to see the Colony go away. most of my internet haunts have been full of testosterone (car- and firearm-specific webforums don't lend themselves well to female participation), and the Colony was a breath of fresh air.

    at least most of you have blogs elsewhere on the internet, so i can kindof keep the spirit alive.