Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's In A Name?

Usually, it being Tuesday, I participate in 10 Things Tuesday. I feel as though I've been especially listy lately, though. I like lists. When life is giving me chaos I like my lemonade with a list. Or a whole book of lists if I can get it. However, that can't be super interesting to read so let's just give in to the chaos and do something else.

In my farewell missive at The Colony today I laid out my plan to continue my Friday sex and health column by combining it with #17 on my Life List. It's a great plan but the site really needs a name. The G-spot was a great name for my column over Colony way because it was a part of Mrs. G's baby but it wouldn't be right for what I'm looking to do.

A site combining erotica and discussions of all things relating to our bodies. I'm coming up completely empty on intriguing, accurate and fun titles. Thought about it all day yesterday while I was out and about and only got as far as Kinky Kizzy. That is not OK.

Can anyone else think of something? Please? I can't even register a domain name until I figure out the title.


  1. My entries to the name game:

    The Lawnchair Circle.
    After Hours.
    New Takes on Old Subjects.
    Removing The Blinders.
    Under The Brown Paper Wrapper.

    These aren't very good, either...they lack a certain....something.

  2. How about:

    The Kizz Spot
    A Place To Open Up
    The Birds & Bees and Other Natural Things
    Kizz'll Tell You!
    Frank Talk by Kizz

  3. sorry, first and only idea that popped into my simple little head---glad that YOu have a blog...rock on kizz :)

  4. Chris is very good at picking out names. I should tell him to get over here and help out. I look forward to reading the new blog once it gets up and rolling.

  5. I'll throw out a few:

    1. Give It Up
    2. Smutster
    3. Between the Sheets

    happy to brainstorm on this!

  6. How 'bout "Kizz and Tell"

  7. justcurious = Susan from TWC, btw.

  8. Anonymous2:21 PM

    What about The Other Bedroom?

  9. No suggestions at this time but I'm glad to hear you're continuing this. I am heartbroken that TWC is coming to an end but I understand the logistical and financial toll it must have taken on Mrs. G.

  10. I like Kizz and Tell.

  11. I like Kizz & Tell too!

  12. of all the above, Kizz and Tell is my fav...i love the interweb brainstorming sessions that we have!!!

  13. i love Kizz and tell!!!

    (WC reader following you all to your various 'islands' on the interwebs.)

  14. Kizz & Tell? Pure genius!!!!

  15. This is me, jumping on the Kizz & Tell bandwagon.

    (Although I gotta say, Arnetha Singleton is an AWESOME name!)

  16. Anal Butt Plug. Well... it'll get all the google hits. I'm not serious... BTW. I love your sex talk.