Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hot As...

1. As of this writing (10:22pm on Monday) I haven't turned the AC on in my apartment yet this year. It was at least 97 today and I'll go to work tomorrow but there's a decent chance it'll top 100 while I'm there bundled into a sweater, possibly with my space heater on as my teeth chatter in the excessive "climate control." Anyone want to take bets as to when I'll finally cave here? (FYI, it's about 87 now according to my weather widget.)

2. I like the heat. I really do. It's a rare heat that I'm exposed to here that puts me over the top.

3. When I was walking from Pony Express' apartment this afternoon and turned the corner into the sweltering heat of the exhaust from a bus....except there was no bus, right about there I hit my threshold.

4. My number one no-AC tip is, right before you go to bed, turn all the fans on and point them at the bed. Get into a cool shower. Get out. DO NOT DRY OFF. Go to bed. Try really hard to fall asleep while the evaporation cools you instead of after you've dried off and you're hot again.

5. Number two tip is to wet and freeze a wash cloth or two. Grab one of those and apply to your body as necessary.

6. Is it unfeeling of me not to turn on the AC for the cats while I'm at work when I used to turn it on for the dog any time it was going to get above 90? Above 85 last year, she didn't seem strong enough to withstand more than that.

7. I played in a sprinkler the other day. Really wish it wasn't creepy for adults to go to the playground without a child 'cause that was fun and it felt really good.

8. Some people can't drink soda when it's hot because it's too cloyingly sweet. I've recently been drinking my fave caffeine free coke with lots of ice. You have to drink it quickly before it gets watered down by the ice but it's glorious. Tastes like my teen years. None of the diet stuff. The diet tastes like someone poisoned my coke, which, depending who you talk to, they did.

9. I sit in the dark a lot but I do it easier and probably longer when it's hot. Mostly I'm too lazy to get up and switch on a light but it gives the illusion of being cooler. I also keep the blinds as closed as possible around the window fans so the bright sun doesn't ruin what little chill I've saved.

10. Tell me about your beat the heat tips and where you stand on AC, please. Looks like it's going to be scorching through Friday here and then it'll dial back to just unbearable (for most).

This photo has nothing to do with the heat. I just recently posted it to Flickr and liked it and wanted this post to have a photo.


  1. Like you, I require a lot of heat to start complaining. I figure that with all the bitching I do in the cold, I should just keep my trap shut when it's hot.

    All your tricks are ones I use, too, though I would add opening windows at night and closing them in the morning (which is what I just finished doing). I also make sure I and everyone I can influence are very well hydrated. Oh, and that there's plenty of ice cream in the freezer...

  2. i have two long-haired cats, and i do try to keep one A/C unit running during the day (when we're not home) if the temperature outside hits 100. when we're home, we have A/C running if it's too hot and humid to breathe. asthma sucks for energy savings.

  3. Chris and I went two summers here without AC. We would leave the house and go to a movie or hang out at the bookstore during the unbearable hours (that time when the sun would point directly at the side of our house like a death ray). We shaved Hooper almost bald; he loved it. We also kept spray bottles in the fridge for impromptu water gun fights.

  4. Don't hate me because I'm on the beach in Southern California and its 63 degrees.

    Still, we have some hot times coming, with our hot and dry Santa Ana winds. We close the house off early in the morning, as soon as the temp outside feels hotter than the temp inside. Windows, blinds, everything closed. Then at the end of the day, when the sun has gone down, we reverse the method, opening it all up and running the fans to pull the air through the house.

    I like the cool shower idea.

    My husband loves AC; he could turn it on any day. I hate it and only want it when the heat is unbearable. To me, living in AC is like living in a fridge.

  5. I'd leave the AC on min/power-saver for the cats just to keep it livable in case the heat gets too crazy.

  6. The poor cats! I have the AC on in one room just for the cat, but she's not opting to be in there...hmmm....
    I put AC in for the roommate 2 weeks ago, but haven't put mine in yet. The AC for my room is too heavy for me to lift alone...so it is mocking me in a closet, for now - may break soon.

    Modification to your washcloth idea: put the cold cloths on your pulse points - this brings your BT down very fast. If you want it to last, wet the cloths, wrap them around ice & rubberband the ice in, place them on pulse points - then run a fan over your body - mighty cool, indeed!

    Oh, and for the record, I like nyc sultry summer nights... :-)

  7. i keep the house at a balmy 80 for the cats during the day with cold water in the bubbler for the cats. my ceiling fan is always on too. Usually, the cats are all laid out under the fan and seem to be fine with it. For MOI, however, if I'm sweating in my own home then I am pissed right off. I try not to be pissed off at home.

  8. I'm hanging with Zelda. I set the AC at 78 and adjust up or down one degree if I'm not comfortable. 79 with ceiling fans running is probably perfect.