Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Pastille Day!

UPDATE: This contest is closed. Six winners have been chosen. Their names were announced in a post on 7/19/2010.

No, it's not. Though some pastilles would taste lovely right now. It's Bastille Day, actually, and some prison food, even French prison food, would not hit the spot.

For me, it's Blogiversary Day!

Six years ago I finally got over my technical and creative shortcomings and I opened a free little blog that I decorated all in pink. My blog could be going to first grade in September. My blog would so fail first grade. It would sit in the corner and pick its nose and eat paste. Poor little thing.

After some indeterminate amount of blogging many people worry because, "Now whenever I experience something I'm evaluating its blog potential." I see where they're coming from but, for me, it was kind of a godsend. It gave me a focus because I did that evaluating and crafting and shaping thing long before I, or anyone, had blogs. I was working out something to say at a party or to a friend or at school so I'd have something useful to share in the least embarrassing way possible. To be sure that's not always worked out well either before or after I had a blog but it's been the way my brain works.

I am terrible at parties (yes, I will be at Blogher) until I can glom onto someone who directs the conversation a bit. Then I am only pretty bad at them. So on my way to any sort of gathering (yes, even if it was just the two of us and we were going to have lunch, and yes, even if we're related) I would watch everything around me and then maybe, I'd have to slam on the brakes for a black cat or the woman in front of me in line spilled a slushie or I passed an incredible street performer, and I'd mush that around in my brain, molding it into some kind of conversation-starter. Generally I'd use it the moment I walked in the door, petrified of forgetting the exact way I should tell it so spewing it out in monologue form, rather than waiting until the conversation lent itself to such a tale and using it to further an exchange. See above re: bad at parties. I'm getting better but, woof, I panic, what can I say?

Now I have a blog so I can collect these stories somewhere and not lose them. Having hundreds of friends and strangers read them is a damn nice bonus, too.

It's been a heck of a year for me blogging-wise, too. There are plenty of new eyeballs and voices here, many because of the time I got to spend at The Women's Colony, and that's started me down a whole new path. As a matter of fact, the new web site just showed up on my blogger dashboard this morning and I got a little choked up over it. JRH has been slaving away making a banner for it for almost 24 hours so things are really starting to happen! The site isn't live yet but soon. Soon, my friends, I promise. And you know what else will happen soon? This blog is going to get its very own, proper, no extension url! I bought it this morning. Just a few weeks before my first Blogher attendance and I'm starting to feel like a real, live blogger.

Crap. I still haven't made business cards. Anybody good at that?

Enough about me, though, I'd like to talk about you or rather I'd like to thank you actually and talk to you. How about a little giveaway then? Perhaps that will further the conversation. Since this little blog is 6 I'm going to give away 6 (very small) gift cards. Leave a comment on this post* before midnight on Sunday and on Monday I will randomly select 6 winners. Each winner will be able to pick the kind of gift card they would like. Dunkin' Donuts? Amazon? Donors Choose? Loew's? For an extra entry you can tweet about the contest (I'm @Kizzbeth over on Twitter).

If you'd like a little commenting inspiration I could use some input on the following:
  • Should the Kizz & Tell site have a tag line?
  • Should 117 Hudson have a new tag line?

    • What should those tag lines be?
  • Who are you?

    • Where are you from?
  • How did you find 117 Hudson?
  • What is your favorite Harry Potter movie?
  • Clooney or Pitt?
  • Sarandon or Mirren?
  • Grey's Anatomy or ER?
  • Buffy or Twilight?
  • You could ask me a question. Questions are fun.
  • Throw me a good party conversation starter, clearly I need some.
  • Just say hi.

Thank you for sticking around. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting and caring. I'm really excited about the next six years.

*I understand that some people are having trouble commenting on the site. I'm trying to fix it but haven't worked it out yet. If you try to comment on this post and are unable send me an email at isabeau6 at hotmail dot com. I'll publish your comment for you and get you into the contest.


  1. hmmmm, a tagline at Kizz & Tell might be nice. But they don't show up in Reader anyway, so I'm good either way.

    I am Kristine. From Wisconsin.

    I found this site from your post on The Women's Colony.

    I've never read Harry Potter nor seen the movies.

    Twilight, only cause there's more guys than in Buffy, although I never actually watched buffy either so ....

    Party conversation starter? Worst pickup line ever heard. Then, AFTER they have answered and/or once there is a lull, tell them this one. "How much does a polar bear weigh?" ans: I don't know. response: "Enough to break the ice. (smile, introduce yourself)" hee hee hee.

  2. Should the Kizz & Tell site have a tag line? Of course!

    Should 117 Hudson have a new tag line? Yeah, I think so...

    - What should those tag lines be?
    K&T: The place where you can talk about sex to your heart's content
    Hudson: Something w/o a question mark!

    Who are you? I am FondofSnape...among other things :-)
    Where are you from? The Mayflower...Germany...experiences good & bad

    How did you find 117 Hudson? TWC
    What is your favorite Harry Potter movie? Either the first or second...I really have a thing for the actor who played the young Voldemort ;-)
    Clooney or Pitt? Pitt
    Sarandon or Mirren? Mirren
    Grey's Anatomy or ER? ER, by far
    Buffy or Twilight? True Blood
    You could ask me a question. Questions are fun. What's the new link that was in your feeder?
    Throw me a good party conversation starter, clearly I need some. Hmmm...I'm not good with those either.

    I'm taking a head shot for a blog friend who'll be at Blogher...look her up, she'll be with another blog friend, Megan.

  3. Sarandon, Buffy and I got my business cards through and they're awesome.

  4. I owe you my blogging life. It was you who got me started writing on the internet, and I'm not sure I can adequately express how grateful I am for that, so thank you.

    * Do you think Kizz & Tell NEEDS a tag line?
    * I love the line you've got now; I think it expresses quite nicely what you do here.
    o Um...let me get back to you on that.
    * I'm Chili (oh, and thank you for giving me my name, too; I love, love, love it.)
    o I'm from the (currently not-so) chilly north
    * You brought me here in either an email or a text chat, I think.
    * My favorite HP movie rotates; it's currently The Order of the Phoenix.
    * Pitt
    * Mirren?
    * Grey's Anatomy
    * neither, really; I never got the Buffy bug and I could take or leave (mostly leave) Twilight.
    * What are your favorite things about blogging?
    * I'm not always great at conversation starters, either. I think it's all highly situational.
    * Hi. I love you.

  5. Lisa Shykula2:18 PM

    My little Liz, all grown up with a blog. I'm still looking for lots of embarrassing pictures of you. I was so glad to find you out here in the blogisphere and Twitter and Facebook. You've given me great book reading ideas, and I'm always psyched when I see you're reading one I recommended. Thanks for letting me stalk you out here!

    Your Fellow Band Geek, Lisa


  6. Kizz and Tell should have a tag line, I just have no idea what it should be.
    I like the 117 tag line but I would change the ? to a !
    I am Auntie from whodoesshethinksheisanyway. I was thinking of changing it to whothefuckdoyouthinkyouareanyway. What do you think about that?
    I found you via my sister. Why are you asking me these questions? You know all about me.
    The books are way better. Pitt. Sarandon. Who cares. Who cares. What do you think is going to happen with the Yankees now that The Boss has passed? Do you think his kids are gonna fuck the whole organization up? If so, do you think Tampa Bay is going to become the new Yankees to the Red Sox? (I think they have been gaining ground in that department for the last few years.)
    Strangely, considering my profession, I don’t really care to start conversations at parties and at times have a general dislike of people. Perhaps because I have to deal with so many people in my profession? Perhaps because I am blown away by peoples lack of social skills? As a consequence, I have no good conversation starters.
    Hi. Happy 6th Birthday!

  7. Tag lines are good but IMO they should be organic. The right tag line will find you.

    •Who are you? I am Kim, aka Violet
    ◦Where are you from? Central Illinois today. In 3 weeks (!!!) the answer will change to Nebraska.
    •How did you find 117 Hudson? I think through TWC.
    •What is your favorite Harry Potter movie? I like 'em all. (Basically because I haven't seen them in a while and I can't remember.)
    •Clooney or Pitt? Yes. Well, beardless Pitt. Clooney can do whatever he wants with his facial hair. So maybe my answer should be Clooney.
    •Sarandon. Both are amazing women, amazing actresses, and completely cool but Sarandon wins with the sex factor. Mirren is cool, Sarandon is HAWT.
    •ER. Grey's always makes me angsty and I hate angsty.
    •Twilight, simply because I have never seen Buffy.

    I'm fresh out of questions. Probably because I am a poor conversation starter, too.

    Hi, yerself. (Name that musical)

  8. •Should the Kizz & Tell site have a tag line?
    * No, I wouldn't know where to put it. :)
    •Should 117 Hudson have a new tag line?
    * No, I adore the one you have.
    ◦What should those tag lines be?
    * Okay, maybe KNT should have one... and it should include the word "titilating"...
    •Who are you?
    * Mrs. Witter
    ◦Where are you from?
    * the Creek
    •How did you find 117 Hudson?
    * It found me.
    •What is your favorite Harry Potter movie?
    * Book #4
    •Clooney or Pitt?
    * Clooney
    •Sarandon or Mirren?
    * Mirren
    •Grey's Anatomy or ER?
    * The Raoul ep of ER totally beat this year's GA finally.
    •Buffy or Twilight?
    * Buffy.

  9. And by "finally", I meant "finale".

  10. the only tag line I can think of for Kizz & Tell is "Oh yes we do!"
    I like that you're living the dream but not always sure about it. I'm Snob from Holy Toledo. Chili lead me here and I'm forever grateful. I think Order of the Phoenix, but sometimes it's Goblet of Fire. I saw a preview for Deathly Hallows while watching Eclipse and it gave me goosebumps. Literally, I had goosebumps. Clooney, Mirren, Grey's. Twilight, though I think it's only because I never saw Buffy. Perhaps I'll start with getting Season 1. Question: How far do you travel to get to your workplace? Do you walk, taxi, subway, etc. I'm lame at starting conversations. If it's a woman, I start with an accessory -- "love the shoes/earrings/bracelet/etc." Oh, and hi!

  11. I found you through the Women's Colony and I am thrilled about your new site!

    # Clooney or Pitt? CLOONEY
    # Sarandon or Mirren? BOTH
    # Grey's Anatomy or ER? HOUSE
    # Buffy or Twilight? TRUE BLOOD

    I'm not a good conversationalist.

  12. I'm from the Chicagoland area. Congrats on 6 years!

    justwemoms at gmail dot com

  13. Tagline: "I'll have what she's having."

  14. Happy 6th! Def. Sarandon and Pitt, I think Kizz and Tell speaks for itself, and happen to think your current 117 tag is perfect ... just my 2 cents. It's Bethany here (aka SaneMom) and I live across the street :) but found you through the WC :).

  15. I love that the initials for the new site are KNT. KNNNNNNNT!!!
    as with Mrs. C, I blog because you blog. For me, it's a place to clear my brain. Occasionally strike witty juice. Air my strife. Generally bitch and wine. yes. Wine.
    And as far as taglines? I leave that up to you my dear. The day that you start believing about yourself, what we already know? Katie Bar The Door!!!
    heh heh heh. knt. i love it!
    I also love that no one has picked my Clooney. Ya'll go with your Pitt love. He's all mine.

  16. and clearly I didn't read every single comment. Oh well. George is man enough for all of us!

  17. * Should the Kizz & Tell site have a tag line?
    - yes, if only to indicate the subject matter in some witty way.
    * Should 117 Hudson have a new tag line?
    - eh, that's up to you. it IS a personal blog. do you want a tagline?
    * Who are you?
    - i'm that girl in Baltimore who needs rain. :) my corn grew inches over the weekend thanks to the constant downpour.
    * How did you find 117 Hudson?
    - the WC.
    * What is your favorite Harry Potter movie?
    - i'd have to rewatch them. they weren't my favorites, so i'm afraid i can't remember the details anymore.
    * Clooney or Pitt?
    - Clooney all the way. i like my men going a little silver 'round the edges.
    * Sarandon or Mirren?
    - Mirren. i adore her.
    * Grey's Anatomy or ER?
    - i've never watched Grey's, but loved ER for many years.
    * Buffy or Twilight?
    - i like my vampires brooding, but not sparkly, thanks. Buffy all the way.
    * You could ask me a question. Questions are fun.
    - what, precisely, would you NOT do for a Klondike bar (or your favorite frozen treat)?
    * Throw me a good party conversation starter, clearly I need some.
    - hell, i barely make it past "hullo" before i hide in a corner to watch the goings-on.
    * Just say hi.
    - howdy!

  18. LisaWinks2:44 PM

    ---Who are you?
    I'm a reader who wishes she could write a blog... be creative, exciting, dedicated enough to write a blog.
    ---Where are you from?
    ---How did you find 117 Hudson?
    The Womens Colony
    ---What is your favorite Harry Potter movie?
    They're all pretty good.
    ---Either Sarandon or Mirren.
    ---Grey's Anatomy or ER? GA.. never did get into ER
    ---Buffy or Twilight?
    Neither. Never watched Buffy and I don't get the hype over Twilight. I've even read all but the last book to see what it was all about. Not terribly interested in finishing it either.
    ---You could ask me a question. Questions are fun.
    Yes they are. I wish I could think of one!
    ---Throw me a good party conversation starter.
    I like the compliment suggestion. I've used that one before.

  19. Naomi B.2:53 PM

    Tag line- In case you thought you lost your G-Spot
    Me? I am a transplant to New England. I am ambivilant about sports and I hate to be cold. I like this hell of a heat wave we have had- if I don't have to go to work.
    Found you through TWC- miss that place in a big way.
    I really want to read the HP books, then see the movies.
    I'll take a generous helping of the whole Oceans 11 cast, please.
    I haven't seen enough of Mirren to choose between the two.
    I like Buffy better. But I ripped through the Twilight books like (insert questionable comparison here)
    What was your favorite breakfast cereal as a kid?

  20. Wow, Kizz, look at all this exciting comment action!

    Clooney or Pitt? False choice, each has important uses.
    Sarandon or Mirren? See Clooney/Pitt.
    Grey's Anatomy or ER? We eventually washed out of ER, and never adopted Grey's Anatomy... but I'm so old I stopped washing St. Elsewhere before the end, too. And haven't been to the doctor for a while. So I'm probably just theme-challenged here.
    Buffy or Twilight? Buffy, movie esp. but TV show acceptable. Just for the title, Buffy wins. That, and all the slaying.

    Excited to see your doings, current & upcoming.

  21. Anonymous8:38 PM

    I'm going to have a contest, too. I hope you like rubber chickens.

  22. Party conversation starter: So what do you like to do when you're not at work?

    People love to talk about their hobbies. Then just keep asking questions.