Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moment of Silence

The photo challenge will appear later today. I didn't have the opportunity to put it together yesterday and today promises to be a little busy but it WILL get up.

In the mean time, though, Kitty of New York Portraits announced today that her beloved rescue cat, Dida, succumbed to kidney disease after a long battle. Please give all your furry friends a little extra love (and treats!) today in Dida's honor.


  1. Thanks for the post, Kizz, that was sweet of you. The household is forever changed.

    I hope you and your family are doing well. Did you get checked out for your gallbladder?

  2. You're welcome. I'm so sorry you lost her. It's just terrible.

    My doc appointments are all coming up in the next couple of weeks. I see the primary care guy on Thurs and will ask him about that.