Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photo Challenge: HOT/COLD

Woof, it's hot and I've been playing it cool all day but sometimes my job is feast or famine, you know? And for the past two days, y'all, I've been feasting like a one armed paper hanger. Got home, though, got some grub for energy and then....technical difficulties! Yowza. So apparently we have the ability to disable downloading on our Flickr accounts now. If you do that I can't grab one of your entries to put in the post. I've notified the people who have this going on and I'll post links to their pics if I don't hear back before I get ready to hit post. Whew! (Update: All photos now included!)

In any case, these are the results of the HOT/COLD photo challenge. There are many more in the Flickr Pool and I urge you to go check them out. When people enter more than one photo I have a really hard time choosing so I strongly urge you to go see. There are great, cool, winterized photos there but clearly I was mostly drawn to the summery ones here. Check the bottom of this post for the prompt for the next challenge. (Boy I hope I've thought of a challenge by the time I get to that part.)

by jkraye (taken by her son, A, who is 4)

Aren't those cool? And hot?

Next challenge is going to be WHEEEEEEEEEE! (We can abbreviate to WHEE for the sake of space.) Please submit your pertinent photos to the aforementioned Flickr Pool by 9am Tuesday August 3rd, tagged with "PhotoChallenge" and "WHEE" (and apparently enable downloading of your photos for Tuesday and Wednesday) and the post will go up (hopefully in a more timely fashion) on Wednesday August 4th. We've got some new members of the group and I'm really loving what I see from everyone.

Remember, you're welcome to submit as many photos as you like and they don't have to be challenge-related. Some of us (me) just like to trawl through the group and see what's up.


  1. Thanks for including my picture of Max! I adore that one of the woman and the scooter...beautiful!

  2. I love that picture of Max. So happy.

    The beautiful woman is Cindy. You can read her here:

  3. I love that last one. Dogs can smile even when they're hot. Actually. I love all of these! Thanks Kizz.

  4. SO GREAT!!! Love the photo challenges over here sis!

  5. Wheee :) loving them all, especially elephant soap's ... thx for putting this together!

  6. thanks for including our cold noodles-swimming -pool on a hot summer day one!!!
    i love looking at all the pictures....there are some very creative people you have surrounded yourself with!!