Monday, July 19, 2010

We Have A Winner! (or 6)

As is the fashion in fairness these days I went with to pick the winners. I integrated the one retweet (thanks Lisa!) in chronological order with the comments (one entry per person, if you commented more than once you were only entered for your first comment) and then I plugged all 20 discrete entries (that's the right use of discrete, right?) into the random number generator and kept pressing "generate number" until I had 6 people. Once it chose someone twice. I pressed again. I wanted 6 separate people.

All the winners have to do is email me with their address and preference for type of gift card (isabeau6 at hotmail dot com) and I will send them their tiny but heartfelt giftie! All the rest of you have to do is wait for the next giveaway 'cause I had fun doing this one! Drumroll.........

1. Lisa Shykula
2. Chrome (posting as anonymous but she emailed to tell me so)
3. Chili
4. The Other Laura
5. Mistiridiculous
6. SueB0b


Now on to all the great questions you asked.

And true to form I don't actually know how to answer the first question but I'll ask for clarification and see if I can answer it in the comments. Janet/FondofSnape asked, "What's the new link that was in your feeder?" Do you mean what's the newest thing that just came into my feeder or are you asking about something I alluded to but never followed through on? Sorry, I feel silly not getting what you mean here, please help! Also please do send that photo of your friend to look out for at Blogher.

Chili, wants to know if I think Kizz & Tell needs a tagline. I just always like blogs with taglines. Every time I see "Mighty Girl: Famous Among Dozens" I get a twinge of envy that I haven't thought of something that memorable for this or the other site. As to your other question about my favorite things about blogging....well, the comments, I can't lie. I like that it gets to be a conversation. I also sometimes hate that conversation but you can't have one without the other. Like I said in the Pastille Day post I also like having a place to put all these things in my head that feels productive or...something. It's somehow more satisfying to put it out here that Alice Ripley ripped me up than to write it in a paper journal. Not all topics are like that but a lot are. Weirdly perhaps, I like being part of the crowd. It's not like I've got a super popular hot button kind of site here but it's mine and it's here and you all are here and when people talk about blogging I know what it's like and I enjoy that.

Auntie really liked the question thing. She had a lot to ask. "What do you think is going to happen with the Yankees now that The Boss has passed? Do you think his kids are gonna fuck the whole organization up? If so, do you think Tampa Bay is going to become the new Yankees to the Red Sox? (I think they have been gaining ground in that department for the last few years.)" Well, I don't think anything much is going to happen to the Yanks now that the Boss is physically gone. He's been so sick for long enough that I think the family members running the show aren't figureheads anymore so we've already seen what post-Boss YankMeism is going to be like. So, pretty much like before but with less, you know, winning. For now. It's a cyclical thing, they could manage to cobble together a winning team but it takes a little while to figure that stuff out and, not being a dictatorship anymore, also not having the Boss's name and weight behind their offers, may hobble them a little. It's NYC, though, they've got plenty of money to toss around and you never know what money can buy. Tampa Bay will never replace the Yankees in relation to the Red Sox. It's not about when or where you're winning it's about a relationship between organizations, and more importantly between fans, that makes that rivalry. It will never change.

Violet, I can always name that musical and yet I can't name that musical. What is it? (For everyone else here's the quote from Violet's comment, "Hi, yerself. (Name that musical)")

Grammar Snob wants to know about my commute. It's between 45 minutes and an hour. I walk or take the bus (usually walk because it's faster during rush hour but is still 15 - 20 mins) to the train and catch an express train that lets me off at Grand Central. Then I walk about 3 blocks to work. I should leave the house at 8 and get there just before 9. Sometimes I leave as late as 8:15 and still get there before 9:15. For the record I've had to walk home from work (not this exact location but close enough) twice (9/11 and the '03 blackout) and it takes me just about 2 and three quarter hours to do that.

Falnfenix gets the nod for most surprising question I think, "what, precisely, would you NOT do for a Klondike bar (or your favorite frozen treat)?" Gosh, there are so many things. I would not eat a banana. I would not hold a snake. I would not go on a transatlantic cruise. I would not suck a dick - not for a Klondike bar. The thing is, I don't like Klondike bars that much. Too much ice cream, not enough coating. For a fudgesicle or the homemade ice cream from that coffee bar in my neighborhood weeelllll, that sucking thing wouldn't be out of the question. I wouldn't drink a cup of water that all of you had spit in (happened to a girl I knew in HS for gas money to get home before curfew). I wouldn't hurt an animal, though I could be convince to dress an animal in a humiliating costume. And I wouldn't steal the frozen treat from someone else in order to make it mine. How's that?

Naomi B. wants to know what kind of breakfast cereal I liked as a kid. That might be the hardest question. We didn't generally have cereal. I mean, it was in the house but we didn't eat it. We were a toast household at breakfast time. Also, I don't eat my cereal with milk, I don't like milk, so whatever I liked had to be good when eaten dry. I went through a Cocoa Krispies phase that lasted a while, I think.  I thought I liked Honeycomb but I did not. My grandmother ate Kix. They were OK. Then I got old enough to buy my own cereal and the biggest treat ever is Frosted Flakes right out of the box.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your comments and joining in the fun. It's been a pretty cool six years and I'm getting more excited about what's to come, if that's even possible! I appreciate you all being along for the ride.


  1. haha, thanks for playing along with a great answer. :)

  2. Great questions AND answers! As a small town girl, I am in awe that you are in Grand Central Station twice daily. I would love it if you did a pictorial of your daily adventure (commute) to work!

  3. the link to Mrs G. of course! Here's Megan's blog, her picture is on it:

  4. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Ok. I'm trying to comment fancy.
    Nope...didn't work. Gotta go anonymous, I think.
    Please thank the number generator for me!
    And thanks to you for blogging so we all do too now. (I think you gotta come over and help me figure out how to comment.)

  5. Naomi B.6:47 AM

    Congratulations, Ladies (those are all ladies, right?)
    Who would have thought a cereal question would be the most difficult?
    That is a question I ask sometimes to start a conversation around me. I loved Golden Grahams as a kid. Now, I make my kids look for cereal with less than 10g of sugar on the label when we shop.

  6. Oh damn, yes Janet, the Mrs. G link. I just used the Women's Colony link when Derfwad wasn't working because I knew there would have to be some kind of link to Derfwad when it came back. And, in case no one has seen it yet, Derfwad IS back and she's just using the Women's Colony address ( so go, read, enjoy!

  7. First of all, giggling hysterically over what you wouldn't do for a Klondike bar!! Excellent question, excellent answer.

    Secondly, happy dancing that I stumped you! "Hi, yerself" is Aunt Eller's first line in Oklahoma. One of the many grey-haired parts I have played...yep, typecast as the old lady at way too young an age. *sigh* I fear it scarred me for life.