Monday, August 16, 2010

For The Win!

I am purely in love with Eddie Izzard in all his forms and incarnations. Well, not so purely in point of fact. He's smart, he's hot, he's got great shoes, he's funny, he's hot. Did I mention beautiful? 'Cause he is. I follow him on Twitter. Mostly it's about shows he's doing or causes he's supporting or races he's running. I just like to know what he's up to. (Currently living in New York while starring in Race, by the way.) This morning all of a sudden he announced a nearly secret late night stand up show in a small theatre here in NYC.

Surely it would cost all outdoors. Surely I would fail at The Year of Yes if I didn't at least see if it cost all outdoors.

$39 (plus taxes and fees).



So I bought two. Kath and I are going to disco nap on Friday evening and then head out to see Eddie Izzard live and in person on Friday night. I have never been more in love with Twitter, The Year of Yes or New York. Never.


  1. I am so fricking jealous!

  2. Sweet action, thanks for being a Twitterhead!

  3. The year of YES is doing well for you...there was a moment where you were sooo wary of the social networking and now you are OWNING it!!!

    giddyup cowgirl.

  4. Hes so awesome live! I got the chance to see him on his last tour, and laughed my fanny off!
    Have a great time!

  5. The man is ridiculously sexy.

    Tell him I LOVE him, will you, please?

    Oh, and have a fabulous time!