Monday, August 02, 2010

Here, There & Everywhere

I got a phone call a few minutes ago. "Is that your building on fire?" And then a helicopter flew by so close I couldn't hear her anymore. I just got back from watching 15 firefighters on the roof across the street who seem to have saved all the apartments inside. Given that the entire roof line was aflame I wished it was appropriate to applaud. It was real, live Rescue Me.

On facebook today there was an announcement that a friend's dog in Wisconsin is having a tumor removed to make his last months more comfortable. He's a love and he'll be so badly missed.

Every day I email with JRH back and forth all day long. Her first dog, her beloved lab, Sidney has been slowing down. She mentioned that Sid wasn't doing great today and we talked about it. I tried to keep it light. I asked if maybe a vet visit could perk the girl up, make her more comfortable (see above). When she wrote back JRH said that had been the plan but the pooch had let go on her own before Mr. JRH could even get home. On the one hand it was nice of Sid to take the burden of choice on herself. On the other hand it still sucks donkey dick.

Out in the courtyard just now one of my building neighbors had brought his cat with him when he heard about the fire. I felt terribly guilty, it never even occurred to me to bring the cats in case we were being properly evacuated. Especially in the wake of Sidney's death I feel like a heel.

I'm going to give it the all purpose salve of MORE TREATS.

Please join me in expressing our love and gratitude in the way that our pets understand best. Give them something yummy and a good scritch and hold them close. That last part keeps the tears from soaking into your shirt.
All photos are of Sidney (1998-2010), courtesy of JRH.


  1. I'm opening and extra can right heart is yours.

    and a FIRE?!?!?!

  2. So sorry to hear about Syd. Since I have no pets at the moment, I will give myself extra ice cream.Loosing a pooch is the worst thing ever. The JRH clan is in my thoughts.

  3. I hate this. Hooper gets too many treats on a normal day. He'll be thrilled to get the extra ones today.

    And my word verification was "boloo", which is what I am doing right now.

  4. Oh, there is no straight path through this. Kizz, come on over for outlandish quantities of freeze-dried liver and salmon manna for your guys, if you run low. How very elegant and graceful of Syd to manage this most difficult of passages so masterfully.

  5. Thanks!

    Hee hee! Sidney, elegant and graceful. Hee hee! This was the dog who more than once bonked her head on the rear bumper of a parked car because she wasn't paying attention. But you're right. Words cannot express my gratitude that she took the decision out of my hands. Just like she did with treats. Except I still have all my fingers.

  6. Vale lovely Syd.

  7. It is one of my first times visiting your blog and because of this post (and your love of pets) I will absolutely be back for more pearly of greatness! Milkbones all around for Sydney!