Monday, August 16, 2010


This morning I tweeted, "Managed to dress like an older, seedier version of the Morton Salt Girl today." Response was immediate and positive. I laughed it off but was flattered enough to promise I'd take a photo tonight when I got home. Before I wrangled the self timer into submission I did a little research on the internet. Turns out I didn't look like the Morton Salt Girl at all.

I really thought she had boots. That was the only important part to me, the boots. No surprise, really, I do love the shoes most of all, even now that I live in a place and time where comfort has to beat all. You never know when you're going to find yourself walking the 6 miles home. So I don't know who I really wound up dressing like but I took a picture all the same.

Could have been worse. It was raining and hot today. I could have gone to work recreating this vintage advertisement instead.


  1. Aw, geez. Now you HAVE to do the Coppertone ad.

  2. Oh. Now. I really do not think so.

    Kind of you to say I should, though.

    I think.

  3. Ha! You even have the facial expression.

  4. What kind of boots are they? I almost splurged on a pair yesterday but they lacked the comfort level necessary for their price.

  5. I don't know what brand but they were from the store were are not supposed to shop at anymore (Tarjay). A kindly blogger from a place where the wind comes sweeping down the plains sent them to me. I think I need to get some insoles to keep them on properly but I love them. That's my new Ebay'd skirt, too.