Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photo Challenge: OLD/NEW

Here we are again with some photo challenge results. I love it when we get here. Please click through on the photog's name to see her Flickr stream. (We're equal opportunity with the challenges but so far we've only had women enter. Hint. Hint!) Information on the next challenge at the end of this post!

by fondofsnape (aka Fond of Snape) 

by herm007 (aka bethany)

by Elephant Soap (aka Cindy)

by ZeldaPinn (aka Misti Ridiculous)

by falnfenix (aka falnfenix)

by JaRuud (aka JaRuud)

Next challenge, in honor of how I feel whenever you all participate in these, is going to be SURPRISE. Please submit your pertinent photos to the  Flickr Pool by 9am Tuesday August 31st, tagged with "PhotoChallenge" and "SURPRISE" (and enable downloading of your photos for Tuesday and Wednesday) and the post will go up on Wednesday September 1st. Thank you!


  1. haha, I dont even have a flikr stream. I have no idea how I even got this to work!!! it's a goal...

  2. You have a photostream. I'm sure of it. Once you made an account you had a stream. Right now it only has these 2 photos in it but you can add more any time!

  3. I'm stumped for the next challenge. I don't think I have anything tag-able with "surprise". Love all those in the pool.

  4. You could surprise us by posting something completely unsurprising.