Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pros & Cons of The New Dog Part I (of, like, a million)

The good thing about having had a dog before when you find yourself suddenly with a new one is you don't really worry about buying a bunch of dog paraphernalia. People will come through with stuff to borrow (BOY will they come through!) and you know you can find something to feed that dog, I mean, it's a dog, it'll eat anything. Even if it turns out to be kind of a picky dog you can work it out. You find yourself making some rice and opening up a can of pumpkin from Thanksgiving and eventually tossing in some extremely expensive diet hot dogs. And the dog is perfectly happy.

The bad thing is that somewhere in the range of about half an hour past your bedtime (which is really going to have to be revised earlier now given how much energy this dog has) you realize that you have eaten nothing at all since a cookie you stole on the way out of the office. You drank some wine but not nearly enough.

The good thing is you know better than to mess around looking for something to eat. You know what time you'll have to be up and in the park in the morning and the sheer earliness of it will keep you from noticing the hunger at all. So you patiently ignore the attention-whore whining in the crate and drift off to sleep until....

Shit! I need to order some Scooter Snacks!


  1. We bought Hooper a cookie from a dog bakery once that "icing" on it. I woke up around 6 the next morning to the sound of him puking up red icing all over the carpet. Poor dog.

  2. Is this your new dog? What's his name? I'm so excited if this is.