Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I have no theme. I just have sentences running around in my head.

1. I've been asked to write a recommendation for a friend. I haven't done that in ages. It's supposed to be one page. I think I might have a hard time keeping it that short.

2. I haven't looked at the schedule or my outfits or cleaned up my camera for Blogher. It's like I think if I don't do anything I can pretend it isn't happening. Even though I want to go.

3. I packed a sandwich bag of dog treats when I left the house this morning and stopped in the park to distribute them to the "needy."

4. I was wildly late to work. (I'll leave you to determine if that's at all related to #3.)

5. I fear the flood seeped into my clothes closet as well. I can't bear the thought of checking for damage.

6. I spoke to a trainer about my cats and their aggression to dogs. She's going to bravely bring her sweet pooch over to see them in action.

7. I have been a truly terrible correspondent of late. Especially if by "of late" I mean "this year."

8. I have two women who love to shop and therefore do random personal shopping for me when I can't stand to. That is one hell of a cool thing to do for someone.

9. Someone remind me to check my calendar to see if I can babysit on the 20th. If I can maybe we'll spend the day in Prospect Park. Want to join us?

10. I have a dermatologist appointment this evening. Shall we start a betting pool about the number of biopsies I'll come away with? Full disclosure, it's been a little over 18 months since my last appointment.


  1. I painted my toe nails last night and updated the computer over the weekend. What I really need to do is put all the stuff I'm bringing into one place. I CAN'T WAIT! It will be awesome.

  2. do you have homeowners insurance? I know the co-op thingy is different than me owning this house...i'm still STILL working on getting things fixed. NOW, there is a mongo crack in my living room ceiling from the roofing construction...but if you do pay homeowners insurance premiums each year, this is what it's for. go. right now. and check for damage. it'll be better now, if you do, than when everything is covered in mold. GO CHECK NOW. (or when you get home's fine)

  3. If you don't have coop insurance, I can hook you up with a decent agency. Runs about $250 per year.

    Better not tell Alex you put that pic of him online!