Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Stuff You Maybe Should Check Out, You Know?

1. Have you seen the new OK GO video, White Knuckles? There's a little brown dog in it. He appears on the right of your screen near the beginning when the guys push two tables together and later he's the dog on the left when they're in the red chairs. He looks exactly like Eddie! I want to know who he is and what he is and where he is to see if he can shed any light on Mr. Ed's origins.

2. We've still got a photo challenge going on, folks. Misti Ridiculous is the only entrant so far. Please come keep her company.

3. There's a whole internet hoopla going on apparently about a law professor who doesn't feel rich. I think it's worth going to read Scalzi's post about it, though, and the comments on it (he runs a very clean ship, the comments do not devolve into name calling, it's all substantive discussion) as there are some important lessons for people who believe in the myth of the welfare queen or who worry that things like letting the $250K+ tax breaks die away as planned might some day cause them trouble. Truly, it's saying something when the comments with math in them are the ones that I find especially interesting. (If you haven't read it before be sure to click through to Scalzi's Being Poor piece from many years ago.)

4. Kizz & Tell is still out there. Yesterday's post about recording oneself for posterity is light on comments so if you've got an opinion please don't hesitate to share, we're waiting with bated breath. (Note: I really am.) Swing by there tomorrow, too, as I've got something important to recommend. My blinding rage prevents me from doing so today.

5. Please settle something for me, is chalkboard paint a ridiculous thing to have in my house? I really like it, especially the kind in fashion colors but I'm inexplicably shy about using it.

6. If you haven't seen this sort of silly home video of the weensy (by Tornado Alley standards) tornado revving up in Park Slope you should give it a chance. It's...odd.

7. I have complained about computerized voting machines and the people who run them before and it seems I will continue. I am incensed by the dumbfuckery that went on with these midterm elections and the new machines in New York City. When pressed the company spokesperson blamed the problems on the Jewish High Holy Days. Oh yes he did. So, if you're out to convince me that computerized voting is safer, better accountable and a good idea your job just got a whole fuck of a lot harder. Keep at it, though, everybody ought to have a dream.

8. The cardinal in this set of photos/jokes made me laugh.

9. I want someone I know to be The Next Big Small Brand. It can't be me because I have no great idea or product so please let it be you. Contest entries are accepted October 4 through November 11. Quick now, get hopping!

10. I'm going to admit something here. I made a joke of it on Twitter but it's absolutely true. When the first headlines came out about this Christine O'Donnell woman I was extremely confused not because she is vocally anti-masturbation (hey, I endorse not sleeping with someone who can't satisfy you so if that's the case for her...) but because I honestly couldn't understand why the actor Chris O'Donnell was against masturbation or how I'd failed to hear that he was running for office. Now I'm clear on who we're talking about but it's still baffling. I urge you to hear MAB's sorting out of this sexless tango.


  1. Anonymous12:31 AM

    5. No.
    7. My beef with updates in voting is that now, in our whole county, there is no walk-in voting. You HAVE to vote by mail. I recall going to vote with my parents and feeling really patriotic and dutiful about it. I took my own children and told them about the process, even though they were too young to understand. Mailing it in is just not the same. Plus, isn't there something against having to PAY to vote (the cost of the stamp)?

  2. I love the idea of chalkboard paint in my house, but I can't stand the feel of chalk dust so I have to keep asking myself what the point would be. Find me some dry-erase board paint and it'll seal the deal.

  3. i want to paint a wall in my office with chalkboard paint...so i wouldn't say it's a bad thing.

  4. JRH: http://www.rustoleum.com/CBGProduct.asp?pid=128

    Kizz: I am recently obsessed with autotuned videos. I have three favorites, but today it's this one:

  5. Kizz, the dogs were trained by the people of Talented Animals, www.talentedanimals.com Check their blog on the filming of the White Knuckles video -- it's a fun read. TA is based in Oregon, and the video was made in Portland, OR, so the dog is probably from the west coast.

    And like jaruuds, I miss going to the polling place to cast my ballot. I felt so grown-up and citizenly when I did. Maybe I felt grown up because my last real polling place was in an elementary school -- of course I felt big amongst the teeny furniture!