Thursday, October 07, 2010

And And And And And

I let my dog off the leash in the park this morning. Not for very long. Only after he'd come when called on his leash about 20 times. In an area of the park with no other dogs. But I did it. And he only tried to run away once. But he didn't. And I used vocal control to get him back. Mixed with a little running and some heart palpitations (mine, not his, he was thrilled).

The lovely Reverend who runs the Christopher Street Coffeehouse is allowing me to bring Eddie to the concert tonight so I can hear Mark and Carolann (and friends) play. Big thanks to Meg for helping to build that bridge.

There's still an interesting conversation going on at Kizz & Tell. I think you also might be interested in the Resource Room recommendation from yesterday.

This might shock the socks off you but I actually posted over at Please Pass The Popcorn yesterday, too. For the first time in over a year. In the comments Chili pledges to start posting there again. Let's hold her to that, shall we?

I have decided on exactly one Christmas present to give this year. It's a bit of a splurge but I really think the recipient needs and will love it. However, I'm about to jump out of my skin wanting to give it to her. But I need to wait until December at least. Just for the sake of propriety. I hope my heart doesn't explode.

Oh, and, yeah, I signed up for Amazon Associates so, if I'm reading this correctly, if you click on an Amazon link in this space and buy something then I get like the shaving off of a penny or something. I was interested, I decided to try. I have no idea what will come of it.

Update on dog costuming: I was too late to buy a shark costume for an infant, which would have been perfect, but I did find a big enough plush shark. It's been shipped. Last night I purchased a Gentle Leader Harness, too, so Pupkin 2010, look out!

I posted some more photos of the Steuben Parade last night. I think I had a case of the 24 hour ADD, though, so I didn't post many.

Through October 31st there's this thing where you can get a free night of theatre. That's pretty cool, no?

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