Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I'm Still Here

While I do feel terrible for Pinto I'm glad he didn't suffer. I really do think he went quickly. I can't help him now in any case.

Hopefully I can help his (and Anna's and Elvis's and Mariah's) brother, Max. Max has never been alone. Not even in a cat carrier headed to the vet. He's always had Pinto. Always. (Though in the picture below he's with Elvis. Pinto was around, probably just off to the left giving me some pointers on my photographic style.)

Sometimes Pinto beat him up, sometimes Pinto smacked him down, sometimes Pinto simply disdained him but Pinto was always there. And Pinto always put up with it when Max lay on top of him in the cat carrier.

Sometime on Monday, Max was there when Pinto died and they stayed in their home both together and not until their girl arrived.

Straight out of the womb Max was the biggest kitten and he's stayed that way his whole life. We thought he might grow up to be a bruiser but quite the opposite is true. He is very confused and, even for a cat who is often fearful, afraid.

If you could think some nice thoughts for Max I think he's going to need them. This whole being an only cat thing is going to take some getting used to for the big guy.


  1. in a way, it's good he was there when his brother passed...i think he'd be more confused if Pinto suddenly disappeared.

    poor kittums, though. :(

  2. Awww, so sad. What happened? I don't remember Pinto being that old. Hope Max and mama are okay.

  3. We don't have any idea. When she got home he was dead. Already in rigor. No evidence of suffering or distress.

    All the kits turned 10 on September 7. Not very old at all, really. Especially for cats who are, by and large, pretty healthy and sturdy.

  4. i wonder if he had a UTI + blockage...those can take male cats out pretty quickly.

  5. Possible, 'cause anything's possible, but there was no evidence beforehand of anything UTI related and he did release some pee when he expired so it can't have been a complete blockage, I guess. While Monday morning quarterbacking we wonder if he had a neurological problem to which he finally succumbed. Again, no concrete evidence, but some ideas that make it possible in retrospect. And if that were the case we probably wouldn't have done anything for him anyway. That's the way Emily went, too.

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  7. (trying this comment again - i shouldn't type while trying to fix something!)

    neuro issues do seem to be hereditary - when one cat in a family gets it, there's a chance others will have the same issue (based on my layperson's research). here's to hoping the rest of the lot are free of it.

  8. How's Max doing now?

  9. He seems to be doing better. Still the only cat in the world who wakes you up with purring rather than by poking you in the nose with a claw. He's pretty serene and working out what the hell is going on. I'll get to see him this weekend when his person is out of town and I go over to feed him.