Saturday, October 16, 2010

Like A Ping Pong Ball

Perhaps you've noticed, perhaps you haven't, but I've been a little absent from the internet the past few days. I have somehow hit the perfect storm of bad chemical and biological timing this weekend. For me, with PMS comes intense energy. I've got great plans and clear ways to achieve them and I work and work to get them all done. Then like the portcullis slamming down before the invading hoards I get my period and all I can do is sleep. Follow through is a joke. If I kept careful records I'd probably see that there are seasonal fluctuations, too, but I'm not nearly that organized.

Last weekend I got started on a few things and life looked a little rosier and it felt a little like progress. On Thursday night, wet from the rain, full of pasta made by a friend, with a tired dog I sat down to transcribe a story for Fiction Friday at Kizz & Tell and, my hand to God, I fell asleep at the keyboard. I absolutely couldn't keep my eyes open. I knew I could go to bed if I just got up and walked the dog but I couldn't even do that. I slept on the couch until midnight, walked the dog and went to sleep. There was a struggle to regain consciousness at 7:30 the next morning.

Yesterday I had one obligation to fulfill. Thank goodness it was only a 20 minute walk to taste cupcakes or I'm not sure I'd have managed. I did and, by the Lord Harry, it was worth it. (In order of deliciousness: Maple-Bacon, Pumpkin with cream cheese frosting, Lemon-Lavender, Red Velvet, Chocolate with Salted Caramel.) It even got me going enough that I was able to go out for a bite to eat and, when invited, to take a turn around the park with a friend and our dogs. Got home about 9:20, an hour later I was in the same position as the night before. Only this time I could not possibly get up. I resolved to walk the dog early and just put us all to bed.

My dreams are vivid and bizarre. Caught with an open container of brandy in a car that's not mine while getting Stephen Fry (or is it Morgan Freeman) to a movie set. How is that even a concern for me, any part of that?

I'm damned if I know how long this will last. It's awfully windy and cold out there. But I'm trying. How are you? How are the changes setting with you these days?

Oh, and does anyone have a baby's shark costume they could sell me cheap? My stuffed shark didn't work out.


  1. Really? Maple bacon cupcakes? Also, I've been dying to try some salted caramel; since before my sister's wedding, I've been subscribing to cupcake blogs and salted caramel seems all the rage.

    It IS cold and windy, and I don't like it one bit. The great clothes switch was executed today, though; all the Chili's have their chilly weather gear at the ready (and all-caps-BAGS of things were purged to be either donated (dropped off three giant bags to the local Saver's store) or passed down to Wayfarer children. It feels good...

  2. I think its the season change topped off with the upcoming time change. I feel the same way. Yesterday, we went to the farmer's market then came home and I slept for two hours. Built up enough energy to lay on the couh for the rest of the day. Sad.

    But its ok to do less every now and then. I wish i had a shark costume for you.

  3. this weather change is horrible for the whole staying awake bit. i can't say i blame you for needing sleep.

  4. I don't know what the ratio was, there was maple in the cake and the frosting then there was a small piece of thick cut high class bacon standing up in the frosting. Truly delish!

    I have a shark now. It's actually a dog costume that I'll tweak for my purposes. Then bring to Kath for her to help me rig it.

  5. I love salted caramel...cupcakes, ice cream cones...
    Was this that awesome bakery in Red Hook? That's where the Redhead's wedding cupcakes came from (red velvet w/cinnamon on top, salted caramel, something chocolate malted). Yum!