Friday, October 29, 2010

People In Your Neighborhood

You guys, the nicest thing happened to me last night.

Not that.

You know how hard I've been working to train Eddie to be a productive member of the community. You also know that people can be assholes. The number of times that the training has been undermined or downright sabotaged, and sometimes in the most hurtful ways, this week is unquantifiable. Mostly he's been pretty good but walking him past other dogs without barking and acting like an ass is a huge challenge not to mention a big pet peeve of mine.

Last night he'd done pretty well but it was mostly coincidence. He passed three dogs without incident because he didn't see them. Then there was a white puffball of a dog who ambushed us from around a corner and beneath a short tree and his brain went all scrambly. A very short half block later I noticed that up ahead a guy was walking a bicycle and a larger, brindled dog. My weak ass heart just wanted to cross the street and run away. The part of me that wants this whole lesson learned sooner rather than later sacked up.

I brought Eddie to the street just off the curb while the dog approached. I waited until he saw the dog. When he looked at the dog calmly I told him YES and gave him a treat. I got about four or five looks/treats in and the dog had nearly passed and Ed couldn't hold it together any longer. I sighed and muttered, "So close!" and started to wrangle him away.

After a beat the guy said, "Do you want to try that again?"

YES! Yes please! Yes I do dammit!

So we did. And it was OK, not perfect but I thanked him and told him what we were working on and he recommended a trainer and I thanked him again and we walked on. That's going to stay with me, though. Such a nice thing to do.

Anything nice happen to you recently?


  1. THANK you. I needed ONE fucking positive story this week. Ugh.

  2. Awesome. Sounds like a generous and sympathetic fellow, who's perhaps been there himself.

    I have a couple of great books you can borrow on Tues., to see how you like 'em. (The one called 'when pigs fly' will fill you with hope, as her best dog is so much worse than Eddie, truly.) Also, I've always meant to try these refillable squeeze tubes. You put Eddie's favorite goo in there, and it comes out in a toothpaste-ish, ever-flowing, bark-preventing manner - much faster than a human hand can pump out the treats:

    I'm sure that would work on me, with either chocolate or melted cheese. Or MELTED CHOCOLATE CHEESE.

  3. met a guy last night who gave me suggestions on how to negotiate with someone for an item i'm trying to buy for my guy.

    it's a working Discs of Tron game (warning, page plays sound when it loads) - the "environmental" version, where you walked inside it to play - and the tips this gentleman gave me may just help me succeed. i hope. if anything, he gave me a nice conversation over the game. it's nice to meet a fellow nerd in public, but within our own element (we were in line for a Tron event at the local movie multiplex). and if his tips work, i'll be thrilled to bits.

  4. there are mercies in the universe once in a while, i am glad you found a nice guy to reinforce your good efforts. I am not a good dog mommy. i flunked puppy parties with mine repeatedly.

  5. Rebecca Carmen12:48 PM

    That guy gets praise and treats from me!

  6. Love that the guy did that :-)

    Something nice happened to me just this morning. I was out walking Wolf, said hi to the old man who rummages thru the dumpsters for cans & bottles (I leave them for him by the side of the dumpster) and I noticed another guy with a barrel. Thought he was collecting bottles & cans, too, but no: he was picking up trash along side the road! My heart leapt with joy and when I got close enough I thanked him and told him how much I appreciated it. He said: I can't abide a mess :-)

  7. Isn't just so true that one little act of kindness makes your whole day?!

    Last night during the Halloween festivities, my friend, asked me to come to her house to help her middle daughter (6th grade) deal with some friend drama. She told me her daughter really liked me. I was very touched.