Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10 Things, Like, Y'Know?

1. So, you know when you walk out of the house without really looking at what you're wearing because it's just work and you've worn this outfit a million times and your hair looks fine? Well, it was way after lunch before I realized you can totally see my zebra print bra through this shirt. No wonder everyone was being so nice to me today.

2. You know when you put off a task because you're sure it's going to take, like, forever, literally? Doing that right now. I need to vacuum and mop the apartment tonight because tomorrow is baking and laundry and there'll be too much shit in the way. How long do you think it'll take me? 2 hours? 5? Do you think I'll be able to sleep at all tonight?

3. You know how missing a day or two of something is super easy but getting back on track is sometimes even harder than starting in the first place? I don't know whether to direct you to my weight loss strategies or Kizz & Tell on this one.

4. You know how sometimes it takes a while for a bad habit to become obvious? I'm pretty sure that when left alone the dog goes into my dirty laundry and hauls pieces of clothing out to carry around and possibly sleep on. So looking forward to the day the dog walker finds him nesting in a pile of stained granny panties.

5. You know why email sometimes just doesn't get where it's going even though you've spelled the address correctly? Yeah, me either.

*We interrupt this blog post to report that the vacuuming portion of tonight's chosen servitude took about 40 minutes. Might have taken less time had frequent breaks not been needed to quell the barking. Vacuuming is either terrifying or exciting depending on whether you're a cat or a dog.*

6. You know how my house is only really properly clean once a year? Thank you to everyone who comes to my little post-Thanksgiving gathering for inspiring me toward that important annual swish and swipe of my abode.

7. You know how I can get groceries delivered to my door? Please don't take it as bragging but I'm really, really glad about that.

8.You know how the writers of How I Met Your Mother love to make intricately linked plots? I do believe they outdid themselves with their Lost/Buffy mash up Blitzgiving episode. Even threw in a dollop of Pieces of April for good measure.

*Pardon a second interruption but the mopping took about 25 minutes. That's just a water mop. I couldn't face doing a soap then rinse mopping given the relative freakishness of the menagerie. So I guess an hour and five minutes isn't forever. It just feels like it.

9. You know how a lot of people feel burned out on NaBloPoMo after all these years? Maybe it's not cool to say so but I'm not. I still kind of love it. But, you know, I love a solidly repeatable tradition. Love it a lot.

10. You know, from some angles, my dog looks like a teensy kangaroo.


  1. This post made me laugh - especially the part about Eddie going through your laundry...

  2. It's not an uncommon practice for dogs, especially ones who get lonely, but I thought with the dog who declines many foods and doesn't chew the furniture I might get lucky. Today it was only a shirt and a sock. Let's hope he's always so discreet.

  3. Love this post. And my house is only clean when company comes, and only then for about 5 minutes before they walk in the door. This happens maybe 2 times a year if we're lucky. I should have loaned you Douglas, he still thinks vacuuming is the most fun thing ever ;).

  4. #7? I am SO jealous!!! There are definite advantages to living in NYC and it's boroughs.

  5. Rebecca Carmen11:18 AM

    Granny panties are sexy. It just depends on who is wearing them. Crotchless flannel nighties are sexy, too!

  6. I once wore a dark-colored sweater that did not seem nearly as transparent as all that, but apparently paired with a white bra, it was! Nice.

  7. You house looked great, the food was awesome, and LOL about #4 there!