Thursday, November 11, 2010

No, Let's Change The Plan

So Chrome and I have been working on creating an easy, fun weekend for Misti to celebrate her birthday without breaking anyone's bank. We're trying to use all the resources we have to their fullest. Case in point, rather than have me send a car service to the airport or even Zipcar it Chrome suggested I borrow her car. Last night Eddie and I took the subway to her new place, I got keys and drove the car over to my neighborhood so it'd be easy to get this morning. Parking is kind of a nightmare but some days are better than others. I wound up choosing to park it across the street from NDP's house rather than on a more sketchy block closer to my house.

This morning, as I always do when I have a car parked on the street, I took our quick morning dog walk past the car to check on it.

Quick morning dog walk. Just slapped a hat on my head, pulled on yesterday's jeans and my coat and shoes and headed out. Didn't even put the dog's coat on him, we were only going to be out about 20 minutes.

I am stupid.

Some little asswipe had broken the small, back, not roll-downy window on Chrome's passenger's side and rifled through all her stuff. There was nothing taken because there was nothing to take. They did, however, leave a camera and a book of matches.

I called Chrome. She called her boss. I called the local precinct. They told me to call 911. I called 911 and reported it. They said they'd send someone down. Chrome came to meet me.

And that's the good thing because I didn't have any information on the car, I didn't have any ID, I didn't have my fucking gloves. Which is why I was loitering on a corner in Clinton Hill for about 90 minutes this morning. It's also why I haven't done any more housecleaning in anticipation of Misti's arrival. Not to mention why I'm going completely unshowered to pick her up. (Hey M, sorry I haven't brushed my teeth yet.) I will, however, bring my freaking ID.

The cops did come. They were very nice. They even took the camera to catalog it and made a report of "criminal mischief." I drove Chrome to the train so she could get back to work and I came home to assuage the rage of the feline contingent at serving such a late breakfast. I've got time to eat something myself, tell you about this morning's excitement and gather up some materials to cover over that broken window.

How's your day going so far?


  1. I like that they left behind a book of matches and camera.

  2. This makes me so mad. I hate that people just can't leave well enough alone. Here's to MUCH better rest of the day! Oh, and happy (belated) birthday, Misti!

  3. It's like they broke in, looked around, and said, "Wow, this person doesn't have anything to take. I feel sorry for them. I guess I'll give them this camera."

  4. oh whew, i was worried you'd been hurt/attacked/assaulted/etc. a break-in sucks, but it's better than bodily harm by a WIDE margin.

  5. Your day sounds vaguely similar to mine so far.

    fyi: I didn't shower today, either. And that decision was made before the break in!

  6. grrrrrr that's so frustrating!! asswipes indeed. may the day improve vastly after this ...

  7. Serious UGGGGGH. There's a place on the corner of Atlantic and Vanderbilt that will fix that window cheap, probably under $50. This reminds me of when we had sold our previous car and when I went to drive it to the DMV to change the ownership, discovered someone had busted out the window. Had to get it fixed before handing over to new owner!

  8. least you did not park on the sketchy block. Who knows what would've happened then?!