Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NWW: Crazy Happy Fun Times?

Fingers crossed, please, for me to look like this at the end of this evening. (I love this smile on my cousin's face from her brother's wedding a few weeks ago.)

I'm meeting my ex-boyfriend's sister for a drink tonight. First time I've seen her probably since his wedding which has to have been a decade ago by now. I may actually weep because I really miss his family. But I knew that there was a price to be paid for putting my big girl panties on and cutting our relationship off completely. Since the cutting was without a doubt the right thing to do then the price, however high, had to be paid. So lucky me for getting a chance to collect a weensy bit of a refund for paying up front...or something less prostituty.

Adding to the tension will be the fact that I'm leaving the above little gem home alone in the evening again. We're having our drink in the neighborhood so this should make things better. He's been allowed to be out of his crate while home alone a lot more, I'm hoping to have time to get a good long walk in before I go out and I'll give him something distracting to chew on and play with when I go. Two out of three of these tactics were employed this weekend, too, apparently with mixed to horrible results so there's no comfort in doing the right thing right now. Which means I may wind up running from the bar to the courtyard every 15 minutes to see if he's crying (I'm told that more than 15 minutes of any given noise is the legal basis for a noise complaint). But even if I don't I'll still be feeling panicked and judged and sad for him. I mean, I'm not entirely heartless, I don't want him home and crying if that means he's sad (as opposed to meaning he's trying to manipulate anyone within hearing distance, a ploy I know he's not above).

This will either be a lovely but challenging evening or a total fucking disaster. Your moral support can make all the difference.


  1. You can bring him to our place if that would make it less stressful for you (sounds like it would). I can also give you some of that Actipet stuff (anti-anxiety pills for dogs). Only thing is, I am leaving the house at 8:00. Your call!

  2. hope it's a fab evening! love to have him visit here sometime :).

  3. Sending supportive and hopeful thoughts your way. You know, Buce is indifferent to Kongs... you could have ours and stuff it with dinner for just such occasions (a tactic you may already have tried... also just stocked up on rawhides from Costco, if you want to test drive a few of those!)

  4. I'm sure he would love to come check out your home and leap into the laps of your family. I wouldn't want him to wig D out, though. I know dogs are not his fave.

  5. I'm going to stuff a kong (dirty!) and even freeze it and I have a marrow bone with his name on it. Also probably going to leave the TV on to keep him company and give him some light.

    What's the consensus on leaving dogs alone with rawhide? Is there a choking hazard? I've got a couple of those for him, too.

  6. I love that little pumpkin in the last picture. Maybe you should have two kings and kind of hide one of them.