Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Come On, It's Humiliating AND Funny

Just got this missive from PUPS and wanted to share for all you dog, fun and tote bag lovers out there.

"Dear PUPS members:

Thanks to our volunteer photographers and web-workers, this year's Great PUPkin photos have been posted on our website at

Relive the PUPkin excitement, the tough as nails competition, and the absolute silliness of the day. And while you're visiting the website, how about buying one of the new PUPS re-usable tote bags for those Saturday morning visits to the Farmers Market or those trips to Who's Your Doggy when you need some chow for your favorite canine. Get yours now at "


  1. I love looking at these photos!!! (Even though there is no way I can even slighty pretend that it's work related.....although the rescue dog was wearing a hardhat...)

    Good job, Kath! So fun!

  2. Thanks again for all your help last night, and fpr reposting this!

  3. Happy to help. I love playing with photos. And there's no way I couldn't repost. People LOVE looking at the funny puppies. Thanks for helping me to get a super tired dog.