Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photo Challenge: OWN

We have results from the OWN Photo Challenge. It was harder than I thought it would be. Each photographer represented here contributed more than one photo. You can check out our Flickr Pool to see the ones not included here.

As always please click through to see more work by these photographers and scroll down to the bottom of this post to see what the next challenge is.

by kizzzbeth (A photo I took of the OWN challenge's honoree, Bethany, at mile 8ish of the NYC Marathon.)

by lshykula (Technically by her son and of her. I am a sucker for the young photographers.)

by Elephant Soap (I am also a sucker for cute doggies.)

by herm007 (Aka Bethany, her running shoes post-marathon.)

The next challenge goes up the day before the Thanksgiving. We're all going to be way too busy to enter. But we will anyway, because we can't ever say no, right? I'm gonna make it easy on you. Can you guess what the next prompt will be?


Please enter by 9am Tuesday November 23rd for posting on November 24th. Tag your photos with PHOTO CHALLENGE and THANKS. Check out the wonderful work in our Flickr Pool for inspiration and cross your fingers that falnfenix gets a camera battery soon so she can join us.

P.S. For you all you avid photographers out there. Dooce announced a complex but fantastic photography giveaway yesterday. You've got until the 22nd to enter and the prize is glorious.


  1. battery arrived last night! charged it up and tested it, seems to work so far (anyone looking to replace a Nikon D40 battery should look no farther than Opteka for a decent option). now i've gotta brainstorm...this one's a toughy!

  2. will ponder the thanks one and try to be proactive this time, instead of pulling from the archives. and yes I saw dooce's offer, died from envy, and am debating whether or not to put it together. might just have to do a photo essay of dear husband's mustache ...

  3. @falnfenix, Whoo hoo, you're back in the game! Keep us posted on how the new lens is.

    @bethany, I would love to see a photo essay on the 'stache. I think it goes especially well with the coat he was wearing at the marathon.

  4. Crap, I can't believe I missed this one! And owie on those shoes!!!