Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Am So Rude

I can't believe I haven't asked you what you're doing for the holiday. Please excuse my rudeness. I was working and it was busy and I wasn't very organized. I'm packed now and all my New York presents have been parceled out and I'm just about to leave to pick up the rental car. I'm centered. We can talk.

I'm taking an adventure on public transportation to get to La Guardia and pick up that rental car. I'm doing that because Steph adopted the cutest, roly poliest doxie, Charlie, and she didn't realize that Amtrak is run by haters and don't allow dogs, even cute, roly poly dogs, secured in travel bags. So when she gets off work I'll pick them up and all 4 of us will travel North...assuming the thought of all 4 of us in a car doesn't cause Ed to run around in circles until he turns to butter.

Tomorrow Queen Bee and I are buying Ed a sweater that fits and maybe some other stuff. I'll visit with Aunt Rena. I'm meeting Auntie Chili for coffee (except I won't have coffee). In the evening I'll have dinner with my dad's family even further North on the beach. Well, inside a house but the house is right there on the water. We can see the sea from the dinner table.

Christmas Day will be a slow roll, no pressure. Morning with the Bees, mid-morning with mom and Aunt Rena, Christmas din-din with the extended Bees and a visit with the Chilis in the early evening. For me? The whole day will be about food. Mmmm, I love food.

On the 26th I'm definitely having breakfast with Steph and Bud and their dad. Some time after breakfast they will head to VT. (She's going to try the Fung Wah with the dog for the way back.) Then will I have lunch with my dad? How would we do that because I'll have Eddie with me and restaurants frown on dog patronage and it's WAY too cold to eat al fresco. Drive through? I could do that. Anyone know of a lobster drive through near Boston? As I wend my way South again I may also see fondofsnape and/or JRH. It's all up in the air. I don't have a deadline. Well, I have to be back in NYC on Monday to return the car before it costs every single penny of my holiday bonus instead of just most of them.

I won't have a proper computer with me. I'll have the Blackberry, though. I bet I'll chart my progress with a few photos on the fly. I will definitely check the comments on this post. So, tell me what you're getting up to this Christmas or, as they call it in Israel, Saturday.

*Bonus, here's the deal that's making me drool today.


  1. fingers crossed! Either way...have a fantastic holiday!

  2. Are you bringing Ed for coffee? We can walk him at the park. I just need to make sure I have proper footwear.

  3. shantielise1:52 PM

    Merry Christmas, Kizz! I'll be at home with Audio Girl, celebrating the end of my masters program, getting a tree last minute on Xmas eve and making brunch for some friends I never see on Xmas. Then maybe we'll see Black Swan at BAM. Oh, and lots of sleep and kitty cuddle time.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Auntie, let's meet, see what the weather is like then if we want we can go get him. He gets cold really easily.

    Sounds lovely Shanti. Yay for the end of the program!

  5. have a safe drive, Kizz. :) enjoy the holiday!

  6. Be safe and have the greatest time!