Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Photo Challenge: Gift

People made me cry with their entries to this one. For that reason please promise that you'll click through to their photostream so you can read the photographers' own captions of the work.


Good. Thank you.

Prompt for the next challenge is at the bottom of the post.

 by falnfenix

Honestly I'm a little hesitant to even suggest a challenge in this full couple of weeks while we're still celebrating Hanukah and headed straight for Christmas and Kwanzaa. Looks like I'm more hesitant to risk losing momentum on our challenges by leaving it and coming back in the new year, though, so here we go!

The prompt is ORDER/CHAOS. Have your way with it.

Please tag photos with "Photo Challenge" "ORDER/CHAOS" and enter them in our Flickr pool. (If you don't know how to do this just email me for help - isabeau6 at hotmail dot com.) Have your entries in by December 21 at 9am for posting on December 22. Thank you for participating and celebrating with me all through the year. I hope you're treating yourself right this season.

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  1. gosh darn it, i forgot again!!! Love these shots, especially the one of the two folks reading :-)