Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photo Challenge: ORDER/CHAOS

This is going to be a hot, quick, dirty post since today is so busy. Scroll down, click through,  join the next challenge, comment on photos, have happy holidays, peace, love and understanding.



P.S. I love how there is both order and chaos in each photo. 

by Hay Morris (Welcome back to the challenges!)

Given how busy it is today and how busy we all may be in the next week or so I feel that conforming to a specific prompt is too much to ask. So, another free skate! Post any photo you like to our Flickr Pool by Tuesday January 4th for posting on January 5th.



  1. I like the free skate! I meant to post more, but I tend to get caught up on the categories. I felt like I had nothing to contribute to this one.

    The Gingerbread house is my favorite.

  2. argh! forgot again. will definitely get the next one taken care of! I love Elephant Soaps contribution ...

  3. Thanks :) *off to take pics* Merry Christmas!