Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Everything That Ails Me

1. I'm working through something in my head. It's making it hard to write sometimes. No worries.

2. My dog's inner monologue as he crossed a totally avoidable puddle this evening, "Oh, it's water! This is not good. Oh my! It's getting deeper, that is not good at all. Woah! Wait now, it is quite deep. I do not like this. At least I can raise one paw out of it. My belly is cold. Brrrr! This whole standing in deep water is not good. Not good at all." I had to direct him to just. get. out.

3. As you may have guessed there's snow and ice and rain here. It's getting kind of dicey. Today I walked home from the subway. I'd been following a woman for a few blocks but she was out of my sight when she turned a corner. When I did, too, I saw her approaching a man hopping around on one foot. He was holding the other foot out in front of him. Was he hurt? What had happened? At the last moment she veered off into a snowbank. She popped right out again and set his shoe down so he could slide right back into it. She kept right on walking, too, didn't even wait for him to tie it up.

4. This show Off The Map is, truly, terrible. I'm glad to see Zach "Seven" Gilford and Mamie "Little Streep" Gummer getting work and high focus parts but I really wish someone had found something a little meatier for them.

5. Vinegar turns out to be better for removing smells than most fancy smell removers.

6. After the dog's puddle adventure we continued walking and at one point came across an eighteen wheeler making the most amazingly awkward parking turn to back into a small driveway. There were about seven guys helping to direct him and he was doggedly working the issue. I wanted to stay until he was done and applaud but it was going to take a while and after just a pass or two I realized I was getting incredibly tense just watching. I don't park well. There he was wedged into the street, blocking traffic in two directions, a policeman among the cars, and failure wasn't an option. You can't just walk away from an enormous truck at right angles to itself impeding traffic. I'm sure he did it, though. I hope so.

7. I took the last of my antibiotics this afternoon. I seem to have avoided most side effects, though my stomach does feel like crap right now.

8. There's still fluid in my ear. Do I go back to the regular doc or just keep the appointment I have on Thursday with the specialist? I'm no good at these decisions.

9. I have a dentist appointment on Friday. I predict it will be both expensive and painful. In theory I'm just getting a cleaning but I'm pretty sure there will be more to be done. I hope to hell I'll be able to get it all done at the one appointment, though, don't want to learn there is pain ahead and have to come back later to feel it.

10. Today I went to work, felt a little better, came home, walked the dog, lay down for just a sec and am now getting up to write this, walk the dog and go back to bed. Here's hoping I wake up cured. Of everything that ails me.


  1. sweet dreams, may they be healing ones! and 3 and 6 both made me grin. i'm with you on painful parking, would make my shoulders hunch to watch it too.