Monday, January 31, 2011

For A Girl With A Fancy Camera...

It seems like Kath is the person most likely to convince me to throw myself off the edge of something. She didn't seem that dangerous when I met her.

Yesterday I was doing my usual careful picking around the park during off leash hours. Eddie's recall is good (and boosted by spray cheez) when he's around dogs he knows but with strangers he's a loose canon. Or he can be so we (I) choose our route carefully and he frolics on his own until we meet up with a crowd and then I keep him tethered. I wouldn't have turned left but I saw Bobby. Not so unusual but you'd think I'd have been more likely to see Kath who, at that point, was throwing herself down a hill on an inflatable sled.

"Come on!" she cried

I demurred. Even after climbing the (very modest) hill I was hesitant.

"Do it," she insisted.

I was scared.

"It's fine. Just go! I'll hold the dog," and she grabbed his leash.


"Start here, hold on to the handles and steer away from that tree."

Well, with instructions like that who am I to say no? I unzipped the bottom vents of my sleeping bag coat so I could hang my feet over the side for brakes and gingerly scooted to the edge with a death grip on those god damned handles.





Couldn't wait to do it again.

So we spent about an hour sledding down various slopes in our home park and cajoling other (relatively) sane adults into joining us. I can't wait to do it again and, considering the weather forecast, I might have a chance sooner rather than later.

I didn't get any photos because I had just rolled out of bed and dressed my dog in 2 layers of clothes and stomped half awake through half a city park full of snow. I wasn't awake enough to realize that I might walk into the perfect opportunity for one of my new lenses. Oh well.

Here's a rerun of the picture of me after Kath got me through a ride on the Cyclone. Sledding feels fun like that, too, and it doesn't cost $8.


  1. yay for sledding! so glad you went :). my hope is to try the stairs before winter is over ... never gotten up the nerve for that one, not sure I should actually.

  2. Next up: rock climbing!

  3. look at the utter joy on your face!!!

  4. I'm too afeared to do the stairs. Kath did, though, and she wound up going down 2 flights! The second one kind of sideways. It goes fast.

    Rock climbing? Really?

  5. I want to go rock climbing, too. Gotta get ready for San Rafael Swell in October.
    There's a rock climbing gym not to far from me...Brooklyn Boulders.