Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photo Challenge: START/FINISH

This was a goodie, my friends. There's even one photo here you won't ever see on Flickr. I had a lot of trouble choosing between the offerings from photographers this time around. I just love this.

Be sure to click through to the shutterbugs' Flickr streams and to scroll down for the next challenge.

The other day I heard someone say with a smile, "You're horrible...I like that." So here's a challenge about things that might be bad or rough or weird but that you like. I'm still calling it the HORRIBLE photo challenge, though.

Please submit your photos (many, plural, all you can, come join us!) to our Flickr pool tagged with HORRIBLE and PHOTOCHALLENGE by 9am on Tuesday February 1, 2011 for  publication on Wednesday February 2nd. Thank you!


  1. ooh is that person giving birth? What a cool photo! Love all the stuff to look at in the background.

    The one with the older man & dog makes me a bit sad...

    The sunset, balloons & you make me smile :-)

  2. Well, she isn't right then but a few hours later...

    Yeah, the dog companion photo makes me sad, too, but in a way that meant I just had to include it.

    You make me smile, you and all your photos.

    In other news we're up to 103 members!

  3. Wow! 103!

    It looks like the person in the tub photo took this as a self portrait (ie no help) and since it seems that person is in labor, I say Bravo! Bravo indeed.

    All the pictures are great.

  4. Love them all, especially the dog and the ball/box delightfulness! As for the birth photo, that was my hubs taking the shot, a few hours before my 2nd-born arrived. A self-portrait would have been too much for me at that point :).

  5. My favorites are the sunset and the white flower with red blood.