Saturday, January 29, 2011


Is anyone going on a trip soon? It's been cold up here for a while now. We're coming up (long view) on school vacations. While we've had plenty of snow days to break up the monotony they really aren't the same as going somewhere. I bet at least a few of you are headed somewhere and I bet that most of those are going somewhere warm. Somewhere that only one layer of clothing is required. In case you haven't guessed by now, I'm going somewhere.

I'm going to China.

I know!

I'm alternately incapacitatingly excited and incapacitatingly frightened. The flight, I have to tell you, is the part that's freaking me out. Will it be weird to be in a place with a different alphabet? Sure! But completely doable and interesting. Being in the air and mostly over water for almost 14 hours? Send Xanax! (Not kidding.)

So, anyway, this is to be treated as a once in a lifetime event. Not because I think I won't want to go back but because I think it would be unwise to assume that the opportunity will present itself more than once. Which is my way of justifying what happened yesterday. Yesterday I found myself with unexpected unscheduled time in Manhattan and, well, I bought all of it. In fact, I'll have to resort to a list to tell you what I came home with.

I am going to record the living bejesus out of this trip, people. I don't know if I'll have time or ability to do so in anything close to real time but when I get back, good lord y'all better hold on to your hats because I'll probably be updating about it in bits and pieces, an image or three at a time for the rest of your life, even if I die before you. I honestly think this trip is going to be that packed with stuff and excitement.

Oh, yes, brass tacks. As I understand it now I'll be leaving on February 17 (LGA - Detroit - Shanghai) and re-appearing stateside on March 3. A good, solid 2 weeks. I'll be based in Shanghai but will be taking a brief trip to Beijing to see the Great Wall and, I think, the Lost City.  I haven't solidified care of the menagerie yet but hope to do so by Tuesday. I'm already making packing lists and I've got time to learn my way around the new camera equipment. The weather forecast for the next 4 days sports a high of 50 and a low of 26, so, not tremendously different than where I am now. But the scenery? Oh that'll be a nice change.


  1. Let us know how we can sign up for some pet care - we're not back till late Monday night, and are worried we'll miss the fun...

  2. Now THAT is awesome! What an incredible opportunity to experience such an amazing culture. Color me VERY green with envy. Have fun!

  3. wahoo!!!!! soo excited for you :) and lemme know if we can help out with the beasts ... don't think we're going anywhere.

  4. That is terribly exciting! Tell us how this all came about, please; when did this happen? What will you be doing there (aside from trying to take it all in, of course)? What are you most looking forward to?

    I cannot WAIT to go on this adventure with you.

  5. One of the Bee sisters has been working over there for a while. She's on a project for her company so it won't be forever. She invited me and Queen Bee to visit and suddenly last week or the week before all the parts came together and suddenly we knew exactly when we were going! I picked up my visa on Wed and should have my ticked by next Wed so it's really happening!

    I have no idea, really, what we'll be doing. The very little I've read says that Shanghai is the great place to visit to see the ancient and the new. It's on the coast. We'll go to Beijing to see The Great Wall which I'm crazy excited about. I should probably start training now for all the steps. I hope we'll get to see at least some of the Lost City as well, also in Beijing.

    I don't even know what to be most excited about. I kind of can't wait to just sit somewhere calm and beautiful and click some photos of gorgeous colors. Walking the streets excites me. Looking forward to surviving the plane rides. I don't know what has gotten into me since I've grown old but flying bugs me more and more. Sigh. Not going to fucking stop me, though. No way!

  6. oh COOL. have fun!

  7. Aren't you glad that getting your passport renewed was on one of your many lists a while back??

    What a fanTAStic opportunity! Can't wait to hear all about it....

  8. Have a wonderful trip!! My brother and his family have been living there for over 20 years, but not in Shanghai or up by the Wall, they are in Guangzhou. Love to see your photos.

  9. I am beyond thrilled for you! Can't wait to "tag along" with you!

  10. I will give you a dollar if you try to order General Tso's chicken in a restaurant.

  11. I will give you $5!

    I love my card reader adapter for my iPad. You will too. There's also a flickr app I bought to upload things to flickr. It was $1.99 I think, so not too bad.