Thursday, January 27, 2011

Work Out From Hell

As of last night my little dog has decided he likes snow. Really likes snow. No, I mean, for real loves the fucking snow. There's bounding and circling and whirling and a certain amount of not listening. So today, after the city got nearly 20 inches of snow, I took him out just to see how far he would get. I never dreamed we'd make it as far as the park. Well, make it we did, up perilous stairs, round about through up to a foot of snow at any one time. By tomorrow I won't be able to lift my legs at all. Yet the dog did not slow. An hour out there and no sign of giving up until I made him stand still in the cold for a few minutes so I could talk to my friends. Oh the standing still. That produced shivering and crying and the big, sad eyes.

I took some pictures while I was out there. Easier planned than done while trying to corral a peppy little dog. I should probably clarify before you click through. Yes, I did force my dog to break a path for me. If he didn't I wasn't going to make it.


  1. lol of course he loves it now! right when it's the deepest :). i'm sore and I haven't even been out yet today, but there were several massive snowball fights yesterday during the storm and my arms/thighs are unhappy from bending and pitching as fast as I could move.

  2. least it's exercise for both of you.