Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Spent a nice day today going slowly. Took a drive, wandered Old City, toured the Yuan Gardens, had a tea tasting, ate soup dumplings, shopped the fabric market then home for some napping. I've filled up my first SD card from the camera, that's got to be some kind of vacation milestone, right?

Tonight we pack for tomorrow at 6:30am we leave for the airport to head to Beijing. We'll get back here around Sunday midday for us, Saturday midnight for the East Coast of the US. I'm not going to take the iPad so I don't think you'll hear from me until then.

Fun fact for the day: The street sweeping vehicles in Shanghai play the first 3 notes of How Dry I Am over and over and over. Makes me laugh.

Hey all, please don't forget the SIGHT photo challenge coming up, the pool is still looking a little shallow! Cheers, Bethany

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  1. Hope your cold is getting better- can't wait to hear about the Beijing adventures- do you get to take Mr. Li with you??