Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Fondness For 10 Things

Last week Chili was kind enough to include me in a list of bloggers of whom she is fond. I'm pretty fond of her, too so let me link to her, her teaching, her movies, her yoga and her cooking. Now I'll link to some folks of whom I am fond in her honor.

1. Misti Ridiculous is calmly and courageously swinging 2011 by the fucking tail.

2. Elephant Soap is kind to her dog and she's going to share a room with me at Blogher11.

3. Have you read When The Flames Go Up? Divorced co-parents are co-blogging. Sometimes it's a scary throwback to my childhood, sometimes the adult me loves it.

4. Oh Clemo. He is going to keep my plane aloft at the end of the month and he keeps my hopes aloft always.

5. Have you checked out the awesome cakes Gert is making?

6. Do you read Fluid Pudding? She has a sense of humor that is...like a warm blanket that tickles your toes.

7. What about Mimi Smartypants? She doesn't ever have comments open so she has no idea I read what she's writing but I devour her words like hot fudge sauce on a spoon.

8. Flea doesn't write often but when she does it's always, always worth it.

9.  Bethany is a Sane Mom and a fun one.

10. Don't hate MAB because he's smarter than you, hate him because he's funnier. Or not, you could just read him for learning and laughter like I do. That and because I don't see him enough in person.

*Photo has nothing to do with the theme. That's the new dog that Teddy's Girl brought home last night. He is silky soft and sweet.


  1. I am madly, wildly in love with MAB and his writing. I just wish he'd do more of it....

  2. Ooooh, look! We've been mentioned! We've been mentioned!

    Things are going to start happening to me now....

  3. I made it! Thank you! I love your lists! Especially the news lists... I generally read every single thing you post on those.

  4. awww, thank you!! already got a fab idea from one of your lovely readers, so don't be surprised if you get an invite to a new "art opening" at our place soon :).

  5. Chili, he's a busy dude, which I respect but I reserve the right to gently encourage.

    Clemo, don't blame me if those things aren't good, I have no control.

    Gert, I'll try to do more news lists. There's a lot going on right now. Mubarak is paying people to beat and kill protesters in Egypt right now. It's awful.

    Bethany, I haven't been to an art opening in ages. It'd be really nice to have one right across the street!

  6. Yay! BlogHer 11!

  7. added a couple of new reads, thanks!