Monday, February 14, 2011

Now We Are Two

You could usually count on me for something sweet and schmoopy on such a day but not today. Today we devote to a different kind of love. It has questionable breath and terrible table manners. OK, maybe not so different after all. Today, Mr. Con Edison, aka Ed, aka Crazy Eddie, aka Ed man, aka Fast Eddie, aka Little Dog, aka Quit. That. NOW! turns 2.

Sort of.

When he appeared in August the vet poked him and prodded him and snipped him and drew some blood and did some tests and declared him to be 12 - 18 months old. I considered the options and decided he should share Emily's (and Teddy's) birthday, February 14. Which means that, as of today, Eddie is (approximately) 2 years old. Now I can finally stop waffling when people ask how old he is and just say, "Two" even though I know myself and know that the impulse to read off this entire paragraph instead will be strong.

At (about) two Eddie is a pretty good companion. I think. I tell you, it's hard to figure this one out. Why will he have a great day with dogs then come home and torture the cats? How can you tell when he's comfortable enough in a situation to start exhibiting his worst manners? Is he shivering from cold or fear? I do not know and he will not tell.

I do know that he's a good snuggler, he likes people food, he likes to figure things out, he isn't a cat eater, he loves his people, he will come when he's called and he's a very big dog in a package he has deemed too small.

Tonight, provided his tummy upset of this morning has passed (too much information?) he will get some extra treats and lots of extra love and as much fetching as I can manage while packing things up for his sojourns with Sara and Kath while I'm in China. His real present, though, will wait until I return. It looks as though we'll be able to take a 4 week tricks class starting the week after I return. I'm already making up a list of things for this little circus dog to do at parties. After all if he's going to be around a long time, he should learn to sing for his supper sooner rather than later.


I'm also over at Kizz & Tell talking about romantic situations. I'd love to have you join the conversation.


  1. Sometimes puppy love is the best love in the world! AND they don't eat our chocolate or hog the remote! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Happy Birthday Eddie! And happy Valentine's Day to you both :)

  3. He's a cutie. Happy Birthday, Eddie!