Monday, February 21, 2011

Shipping and Receiving

Today we went to Sister Bee's work place to see what she's been doing over here. I can't really go into it, it's not public info but I can say that she takes huge complicated processes and breaks them down into small chunks and teaches them to other people then puts them back together so they accomplish one big goal. Also, she's very very good at what she does. It was fascinating and super fun and I accidentally shut down her big process with my butt. Whoopsie daisy!

In the midst of our tour Mr. Li took us out to his favorite restaurant in the town (about 1 hour from Shanghai, a city really, of 4 million people but a town compared to Shanghai's 20 million) where the processes proceed. We made a little fun of him for ordering so much food after trying to slow down Sister Bee's ordering last night but we were glad he did it. I am far too tired to do it justice in words but I'll probably dream about the thick cut local bacon cooked with the scallion-like tops of garlic bulbs. You simply can't beat that and Mr. Li asked his friend, the chef to cook specially for us so we were treated like royalty.

We're always kind of treated like royalty here. Everyone is terribly kind.

I'm medicating this cold pretty hard at this point. I was miserable this morning, really didn't know if I'd make it through the day. Fortunately I rallied and felt a lot better and even feel better right now than I did this time last night. If you could, please, spare some healing thoughts I would appreciate it. It's such a bummer to be trying to experience all these wonderful things and to be slowed down by my stupid body. Not to mention that I really don't want to pass this along to my companions. So maybe I should ask you to send healing and fortifying thoughts to them first!

Thank you again for all your wonderful thoughts and encouragement. Over here we're putting a cap on Monday while you're (mostly) just starting it. It went pretty well. I think you'll like it.


  1. Mr Li sounds like a treasure! Sending fortifying/healing thoughts for sure ... and bacon does cure many things so perhaps it will work it's magic while you sleep.

  2. we should all have a Mr Li. and garlic bacon. I woke up with some sort of snot thing today. so, I will send you healing vibes and just slather myself in Vicks.

  3. Mmmmm..... BACON! Seriously, that sounds AMAZING. The next time I cook bacon, I'm totally cooking it with scallions!

    I love you!