Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photo Challenge: MINE/BORROW

I always want to say something about the photos in these challenges. Then I feel as though I should shut my trap and let people interpret for themselves. Would you be more inclined to look and/or comment if I wrote a 10 word something about each picture? What if those 10 words came from the photographer? Would either of those things make you less likely to participate? More likely?

For this week I'm going to let the images speak for themselves again. Chatty bastards. These are the results for the MINE/BORROW challenge. Scroll down for the next one.

It's been kind of a primal week over here so your prompt isn't even a word. Next challenge is GRRRRR!

Please submit to our Flickr pool by 9am Tuesday April 12th for posting Wednesday April 13th. Please tag photos with "photochallenge" and "GRRR." Please feel free to submit more than one thing, to email me with questions and to comment all over the place in support of our fine photographers.

Thanks again everyone for making my days more beautiful.


  1. I think it's a great idea to have a 10 word something from you or the photographer! Sometimes, it's nice to see what the person what thinking, why they thought the picture equals the word and what you thought when you saw it!

    Oh, and your dog and my dog look a bit alike :-)

  2. ditto janet, words would be great ... just a little context sometimes. i often go to the flickr photos looking for it ...
    the beloved sweatshirt and the hagen daz death grip both really suited my mood tonight, love them both! and kizz, those ears are just wonderful, hope the missing doesn't ache quite so much as it used to.