Monday, March 14, 2011


Today has been a great day, artfully speaking. It's been full of people wanting to collaborate and great discussions and truly brilliant humor. Even the discussion I'm having on Facebook right now where someone is trying to say that Black Swan sends an empowering message to women has me a little jazzed because I'm using my brain and my education and my heart. It remains to be seen whether I'll still feel that way at 2am, after I've signed off of social media and have been lying in bed arguing with myself about it for three hours.

So, tell me this: What was the very best part of your day? Show your work.


  1. Arguing with yourself for 3 hours would be easy. It's when you involve MY psycho brain that the plant heads for meltdown!

    Thanks for good tennis Kizz :)

  2. My work is the box of stuff I purged from the house. And the long nap which caught me up on some badly needed missing sleep!

  3. "Show your work"? HAH!

    I bought a book of practice calculus problems today, which should be a great refresher for me. It is geek-style exciting for me. And I DO plan on showing my work. :)

  4. Anonymous9:13 AM

    My playwriting teacher said, and I quote, "You wrote a kick-ass scene!"

    See how I did that...I said "and I quote" and then I actually put it in quotes. How's that for showing my work?

  5. a day late, but yesterday? rebuilt a desktop, a laptop, and helped set up a server. brain was going on hyperdrive yesterday.

    also: cooked dinner *and* cleaned up (Chris wasn't feeling well, so the cleanup fell to me). since i had extra energy, i vacuumed 2 of 3 floors in the house.

  6. Best part of day: walking the dog. Almost always.

    BTW, The Black Swan is very empowering to women if you happen to be Maureen O'Hara. Ha.