Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Wrapping Up

We're eating some toast and getting ready for our last day in China.

Last night Mr. Li told us he wanted to take us to a place that's good for photos. It's in Shanghai and it has water and bridges. We were not able to work out where or what exactly it is between our languages but, as you all well know, we trust him so we'll be ready at ten to be picked up and take some photos.

The ladies have a few gifts left to pick up so we'll do that. We're going to dinner at the home of one of Sister Bee's friends and somewhere in there we need to finalize the packing so the airline will let us get on the flight home. I've got all new luggage (long overdue) and I'm leaving behind a bunch of old ratty clothing to lighten the load.

Out of the three personal messages in my email this morning two were about how my pets miss me. I miss them, too, and, while I know they're in good hands (perhaps better than mine), it's time to hunker down for three recovery days and spoil them. OK, maybe not spoil the dog, he needs to be whipped into shape because we're starting tricks class on Tuesday!

First, though, it's time to suck the marrow out of one more day. Time to find a way to express our appreciation to Mr. Li. Time to take the last 100+ photos I have room for (those of you that can't wait for photos, we're talking nearly 14GB of pictures). Time to say goodbye to this crazy-lucky opportunity.

Time to get home and wrap my head around explaining this all to you.


  1. May the last day be a most perfect one! And 14GB? Holy crap that's a lotta photos! Trips like this are life-changing, can't wait to see how it ripples through your life :).

  2. I second Bethany's sentiment; I wish you continued awesomeness on this trip!

  3. Can't wait to see your pix. Safe trip home!

    Eddie is doing fine, he's become a very fine off-leash dog while you've been gone!