Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good. Bad. No Ugly.

Flickr is maddeningly slow this morning (possibly so many people sharing photos of the terrifying weather that happened last night) so no pictures right now but, before I post anything more substantial for the day I've got a little yin/yang from my day job.

This morning one boss and his wife took their beloved dog, Daisy, to the vet to help her pain. In that permanent way. Her bad days are outnumbering her good and it was time to ease her suffering. So, as per the instructions of this site, more treats for everyone today in Daisy's honor.

Thankfully, my other boss called with some good news. Her first grandchild was born this morning. The family is happy and healthy and she was able to see the baby soon after he was born very, very early today. So, you know, smell the head of a baby if you can do it without being creepy. Or maybe just be nice to the next kid you see.

Hope any bad in your day is being outweighed by the good.

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  1. gosh, what extremes. Sorry about the old pooper...:-(