Friday, April 15, 2011

Notable Quotable, Alex

There is a story. I would like you to read it.


You see, Nick Hornby edited a book of short stories to help fund schools for autistic children. I'm not finished with it yet but so far there are plenty of good stories. However, it's one in particular, of course, that I'm talking about.

Colin Firth wrote the one I'm talking about. Seriously, is there anything that man doesn't do beautifully? Like, you know, sit there.

The book is Speaking With The Angel and the story is The Department of Nothing. Here is a favorite passage:

"Lynne said maybe Lucien Lothair had put a spell on Grandma because she was giving away too many secrets. I said it's not a spell, it's just how old people always get. She said maybe it's always a spell."

OK, so, go read please. Pretty please? I really need to talk to someone about this.



  1. Ok. I just ordered it off of your link. We'll chat soon.

  2. You always have my back.

  3. okay, gotta get this. thanks for the tip!