Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Correcting My Mistakes

I have made cake balls three times now. Twice there has been a major melting failure. I'd call it a melt down but it wasn't. That was the problem!

This time I'd discussed, with someone smarter than me, putting Grand Marnier in the chocolate. So I did. The whole thing fucking seized. A big glob of chocolate. Upon further investigation I guess the chocolate I was using had a form of glycerin in it which was something I learned was bad last time.

Apparently I didn't learn that not reading ingredients was bad.

I tried to course correct again. I now have a whole big bucket of a slightly grainy, very buttery and just a little bit orangey chocolate. Come to my house. Bring pound cake.

You know what else I learned? Charge your fucking camera battery.


  1. Anonymous5:38 PM

    argh! lovely shot though if it's any small consolation ... and the chocolate sounds delicious anyway. probably a good thing i can't smell it from here!

  2. What recipe are you using?