Monday, May 09, 2011

Metaphor Or Simile?

While I was in Virginia I made a stop at a morally questionable chain store to procure appropriate undergarments for my calling hours outfit. It's the kind of store where you can go in for just one thing but you'll never come out with one. In the check out line I discovered that the fine folks at Reese's make a King Sized bag of mini peanut butter cups. The sizing is marketing double speak but the itsy bitsy cups are just the perfect ratio of PB to chocolate. I savored and saved my King Sized bag, eking it out so I wouldn't be caught empty handed on board the tiny plane back to NYC. Unfortunately when I reached into my backpack while seated in the gate area I found one melted soup of peanut butter and cup so while I wasn't empty handed I was still foiled. At home I stuck the mess in the freezer. A couple of minutes ago I ate that one big lump of squashed, warmed, cooled, reformed peanut butter cups. It was still good but it wasn't the same.

This week my brain feels exactly like that re-frozen bag of mini peanut butter cups.

OK, now you go. What does your brain feel like?


  1. This weekend I made hash browns and they inexplicably stuck to the bottom of my cast iron skillet. My brain feels like the potato and onion crusty stuff stuck to the bottom of the skillet. It was a rough day.

  2. Anonymous11:37 PM

    welcome home. simile or metaphor, the writing sings. my brain feels like a knobby lump of iron, pondering whether it will rust or not.

  3. I had a full weekend, bartending a wedding friday, traveling to Tulsa and back twice, supporting a friend at a body building competition (mind boggling) and then seeing Wilco in concert (mind blowing). Back home yesterday to plant the rest of the garden in 90 degree heat. I spent the rest of the day on the couch with my dvr, and went to bed before 10pm.
    All of that to say this, I'm a little tired, but when I have weekends that allow me to suck the marrow out of life?
    I love it.
    I feel rested and good and actually had the thought that I could go to the gym this morning.
    Just the thought, mind you.

  4. Kind of crappy Mothers day on Sunday leaves me feeling underwhelmed and under-appreciated. Learning a massive new program at work makes my brain ache. My brain feels like an impending trip to the dentist for a root canal, there will be misery followed by relief....i hope..tell me there is hope

  5. the WEEKEND was great. yesterday my dad had surgery on his knee, though, and apparently i was stressed about it without i was pretty drained over the whole thing.

    oh, and i just spent a half hour on a support call with someone who didn't believe what i told him was happening with this computer, and insisted i email him PHOTOS of what was going on. seriously? don't poke the tiny tyrannosaur, dude. i bite.

  6. You guys? I love your examples. LOVE THEM. You are made of tiny bits of rock star, cut up and remolded into human form.