Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No, You Do It!

I'm about to go at something all half-assed. You have been warned.

Yesterday I learned about a contest for artists and I think I'd like to enter my photography. The guidelines say that you need to submit 10 photographs from a body of work. I can't even decide on a body of work. In case you hadn't guessed, your part in this is coming right up.

I narrowed it down to two bodies. Either my China trip or my animal photography so, if you would be so kind, pick one of those.

THEN (there's always a second step) pick 10 photos from the body you chose and tell me which ones they are. This is the half assed part. Ideally you would comment with links or send me an email or something but that is, I believe the official term is, a shit ton of work for you. So maybe you could put the numbers 1-10 into the comments of 10 photographs. Does that make sense?

Let's try again. Say, you're minding your own business, browsing my Flickr and you come across one that you think should be included. You hit the comment field with, "This is my #1." Then you browse until you like another one. Give that, "This is my #2." And so on until, ideally, you get up to 10.

Because it's 10 Things Tuesday.

And now I've gotten you to do two jobs that I'm not prepared for, my 10 Things Tuesday list and my contest portfolio.



  1. Justin7:38 PM


  2. I say China. I love your critter photography, but anyone can (and probably will) submit pictures of pets. I bet very few have pictures of China.

  3. OK. The kitty (fifth pic down) is my #10. I tried to stick to an animal theme, but there were a couple from China that grabbed me with the lighting and structure.