Thursday, June 02, 2011

Busting With It

I find that I'm really proud of my friends this week. One of them passed a really hard test. "It was so HARD and I ran out of TIME and only 70% of the people who take it PASS!" She fucking passed it! Of course she did.

And another friend just got a job! She's been pounding the pavement and leaving herself open to possibilities and volunteering her butt off while she had the time. Her mad interview skillz got her a job on the side of right and good in five minutes flat. No "we'll call you," no "we're interviewing through the end of the week" just "please come to work on Monday at 9am."

A third friend is out buying me a present right this very second. I mean, seriously, you have to mention that, right? I'll leave you to guess which woman has done which thing.

Who are you proud of these days?

1 comment:

  1. The lady with the Bride of Frankenstein hair. She made an awesome CD. And The Boy. He merengues like a madman.