Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Decade of You

It seems appropriate that Alita should turn 10 on a 10 Things Tuesday. I could write 10 lists of 10 things about her and still perhaps not be able to stop. However, writing even one list of one item turns me to tears. So I'm giving you 10 pictures instead, since those are each worth 1000 words think how lucky you are I stuck to photos.

Every time I think I cannot love you more I am proved wrong. Happy Birthday, my friend!


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    10,000 words for sure, and then some. Beautiful Happy Birthday Alita!

  2. I can't believe she's just 10. She seems so wise. I hope this day is full of silly and sprinkle for her. Happy Birthday Alita.

  3. I can't believe she's been here for 10 years! I remember her in utero!!! What a blessing and a gift she is to everyone that meets her!