Monday, June 20, 2011

Parading Around

I have been so social over the last couple of weeks (I know how many of you must be laughing right now since on your scale it's been like I hardly left the house but for me...) that I am now exhausted. I can't stand the sight of the huddled masses on the train and if one more neighbor decides to just let their alarm, be it bedroom or car, just go off for hours my next blog post will surely be from Riker's Island.

As a result, last night I did not process any photos. Nor did I do any dishes, fold any laundry or cook any food. I lay on the couch. That Falling Skies series with John Carter on it isn't half bad.

Parade photos will come but I have been poking around on Flickr for photos other people may have taken of us because we did get sort of a lot of attention this year. More than we have in years past, at the very least. I've found a few and I'll link to them below with the Flickr screen name of the photographer. Enjoy!

Oh, and P.S. the Rapture photo challenge closes tomorrow and so far there are only three photographers entered. Plenty of room to join us!

lionheart613 again
emmcnamee again
Interesting one by DeLares (Eliud Martinez) with some nice words about the parade, too.
martiner1 again
martiner1 a third time (my fave of the 3, I think)
Pixielated Pixels
Stephen Leong
Meg Williams2009


  1. Thank you for the rapture reminder!!! And I know what you mean about being socialed out :-) NYC was fun, and I really need to visit more often LOL!

  2. I so look forward to the Mermaid Parade Pics every year.

  3. Anonymous1:07 AM

    I get socialed out SO easily! Just work can do it, sadly.
    My pics are far from great quality, but it's so fun to contemplate the theme and enter.

  4. Janet, you do indeed need to visit MUCH more often!

    Cindy, I got started on them. Took around 300 this year so it may take through the weekend to share them all.

    Jaruuds, I just like to see what everyone does with the prompt so thanks for playing with us!