Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Photo Challenge: WANT/NEED

I could have posted a photo to this challenge every day of each thing I put in my mouth for the past two weeks. Didn't need any of it. Wanted all that and more. Some great shots here. Click on the photographer's name for more of their greatness. Scroll down for the new challenge, which I hope you'll like.

I really hope this cake fondofsnape snapped tastes as good as it looks 'cause yummy cake and the beach are 2 of my all time favorite things about life.

Look at how WIDE lshykula's boy is opening his mouth here. He's not going to miss one blessed drop of that bomb pop treasure.

That's my dog. He's one needy, wanty son of a gun. I like to call him Mr. Personality.

Check Elephant Soap's shot out large so you can see the balls to the wall commitment she made to this photo. She's got melted chocolate all over herself. It looks delicious!

I was inspired to make the next challenge RAPTURE when Cindy (Elephant Soap) commented on this picture of mine, "This is like your rapture picture!" Now you can make it that kind of rapture picture or any other interpretation of the prompt. The more angles the better as far as I'm concerned. You're a delightfully twisted bunch, I can't wait to see where you go with this.

Add the photo to our Flickr Pool (easy as pie, email me for help if you need it) tagged with PhotoChallenge and RAPTURE by 9am Tuesday June 21st for posting on Wednesday June 22nd. Submit as many shots as you like, I usually choose one per photographer but I love having some wiggle room. Feel free to ask questions if you're wondering about anything.

Thanks again for playing!


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    now i really didn't need to see that level of commitment to chocolate or cake, before even eating breakfast ... my bad though, what great shots! kicking myself for forgetting once again to join the fun. Love how eddie's eye is just barely visible, checking up on you.

  2. oooh you're posting on my birthday! Gotta find a real good shot for that :-)