Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tonight's Entertainment

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  1. I feel so grateful to have seen it and to have had the talkback afterwards. It's not a perfect show. The storyline is a little rough in little places and I found the recorded music to be intrusive at times. All that out of the way, though, it was an intensely moving experience. The puppets, at least to a layperson like me, are extraordinary and the people in and around them are doing great work. The story is wildly exciting and terrifying and I cried like a victim. The Act I ending is a little explosive and a cliffhanger and the lights bump down and everyone started clapping politely and I just cried harder. Finally I turned to Chrome and Rog and said, "I warned you." It turns out that someone I went to NYU with is playing a role that Chrome auditioned for and that a woman I worked with at Manhattan Theater Club is one of the stage managers. Unfortunately I didn't get to say hello to either of them but I may have to send them congratulatory notes. Tonight we lift our spirits with Anything Goes. Should be good times.