Friday, July 15, 2011

Following U...zzzzzzzzzzzz, Up!

I took a Tylenol allergy pill in the afternoon yesterday and it did little to help. Before bed I had a couple of advil. Not sure if those did anything 'cause I was asleep. This morning I did not feel better. So itchy. How do people live with long term disorders that cause itching?

As promised I called the dentist just after he opened. He listened to all I babbled and said that it sure did sound like a latex allergy. Prescription is benadryl 3 or more times per day for about 3 days to mask the symptoms and hope they're gone that soon.

Here is my assessment. I had some topical itching before the dentist appointment after I got back from New England. It was on my face mostly, especially on my jaw line. No rash but a change in the texture of my skin. So I bet I was bitten by something or rubbed up against it and was having some minor reaction to that. Having been exposed to latex regularly since starting to go back to the dentist my system was biding its time with that sensitivity. Already vulnerable from whatever the topical issue was everything went haywire at the most recent appointment when they poked around a little longer than usual looking at my blood blistery whatzit thus the drooly, itchy, slightly sore mess that I am today.

The extra bonus here is that I almost never take antihistamines. I've got the chronic dehydration going on so I try not to exacerbate it. I can not live with this itching and drooling, though, so I'm taking the stuff now. I haven't built up any sort of tolerance for these meds. I cannot tell you how many typos I've had to fix in this short post and there's a decent chance that I'll zzzzzzzzzzzzz, oops! Fall asleep before I hit publish.

Not scratching my face off, though, so let's call this a win.

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