Friday, July 01, 2011

"I would go and find you and bring you home 'cause you'd be wrong."

There's been a lot of talk lately about marriage. Not in my house mind you, we have...reservations let's say about the institution over here, but there's been talk...around. This is, of course, because a large segment of New York's population has recently had their right to marry legalized. I think this is a great thing. Equal rights is always in the pro column. However, for me, this one feels like the right for everyone to drive NASCAR or something. It's dangerous. Don't wield this tool without the proper preparation, a clear head and a strong heart.

Quite by accident this evening I was sent back into the 117 Hudson archives and found a couple of posts I wrote about some of my favorite bits of Mad About You. If you're considering marriage I'd ask you to read this transcript of a chunk of the series finale. If you don't agree with Jamie then I'd feel a lot better if you'd take a moment to clarify your decision.

Just a suggestion.


  1. i almost feel bad for people who get themselves into marriages without actually agreeing with the sentiment expressed there.

    ...then i realize they're (usually) adults and are capable of making choices for themselves, and should reap the consequences of their actions, for god or ill. i just wish they'd actually THINK before jumping into that kind of contract, y'know?

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I freaking love Mad About You and keep wishing TVLand or SOMEONE would start showing it- if they are, I can't find it. I cried when Mabel was born. I cried at the series finale. Do you think if they hadn't gotten married they would have stayed together?? I know we're talking about a fictional couple but I have to wonder. I wanted to post under my Google account but my computer and your blogsite don't seem to like each other! Aunt Jone

    Anyhoo- I agree wholeheartedly. Marriage should not be entered into lightly. Babies should not cause, or speed up, marriages. Gender should not determine who can or cannot get married. I do not see what impact the marriage of 2 gay men in Brooklen or 2 gay women in Kansas City will have on MY marriage. I'm 4 years into my 2nd marriage (nearly 10 years together. Yes, I dragged my feet because I didn't want to end up miserable again. More people should drag their feet.) and quite happy. My first marriage was the result of a pregnancy and ended after 7 years. We didn't know each other well enough. We didn't know ourselves well enough. We're happier without each other but I still mourn the loss of what we had at the beginning. I've never given myself over to anyone else since and I never will again. It hurts too much.